Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Litmus0001 - Stillorgan Road

Text taken from Clinical Archives

litmus0001 embarks on another journey to dark and beautiful corners of submental dischordian situationist impressionism with his 15th album and first Clinical Archives release, stillorgan road. This album, recorded and composed in the middle of a particularly long Wisconsin winter, contains six new pieces of moody lush atmospheric wide-space ambient soundscapes generated through experimental improvisation and informed with a relentless shoegazer aesthetic.

It sounds like walking through the forest at night! Dr. B. Y.

Jonathan Ewald has recorded and performed as litmus0001 since 2001. He gets strange and lovely sounds from instruments you wouldnt expect to sound like that. He uses things like knives and chains and alligator clips and bamboo sticks on bass strings. He does things like put a contact mic on a big tin box that used to contain cheap Thai cookies, and beats the daylights out of it in front of an amp to counterpoint percussion and feedback. He improvises spacey arpeggios and plays with sliders and knobs. He runs it all through a few well chosen effects pedals and liveloops. He is influenced by many musicians, composers, artists and philosophers from diverse traditions and genres.
Jonathan Ewald 6 string bass, 6 string guitar, Roland MC202, effects, liveloops, devices and implements, samples, field recordings, production.

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