Saturday, November 20, 2010

David Tagg - Skin Diagram

Text taken from Archaic Horizon Records

‘Skin Diagram’ is able to achieve a mesmerizing solar glare, like the bouncing refractions of the sun rays underneath the water, that can transfix its listeners into a quiet serenity. Evoking this imagery with a youthful, kinetic sonic, David Tagg wraps a quivering stereo field with slow movements of warmly wavering drones. Deriving a thermal energy from a biological motif, the sound of his music posses a glowing translucence, as if lit from within.

Opening with 'Sunscape' appropriately themes the album with minimal textures drenched in an alluring glow, that quietly pulse within a fluid mixture. Retreating into the fond, fading memories of youthful adventures, ‘Playful Beginnings’ circulates skyward leaving a wake of dreamy solar flares. The impulses and sensations of ‘Tangled Nerves’ transmit signals of ultrasonic imagery from the miracles of life, as slow, resonating breaths of low frequency tones that were absorbed within a soft fleshy skin.

David Tagg's use of translucent layers of washed sonics, allows warm, enlivened tones to surface through the viscous flowing depths of this biological being. Existing within these milky margins, 'Skin Diagram' bids welcoming in its cozy, meditative sonics, that allures listeners to flow back through the inner depths of his music.


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