Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tange - A Tub Full of Tange

Text taken from Earth Mantra Netlabel

Welcome to 'A Tub Full of Tange', the biggest release Earth Mantra has ever made.

This monstrous release is a huge selection of Tange's live performances from One exception is CD10 which features a 'live' studio set recorded as an experiment which turned into a full length performance. All other material was recorded as it happened.

However, for the purposes of this release, all of the material has been remixed and remastered to varying degrees, from simple tidying-up to major reworking. All of the material, with the exception of CD10, is available for download from the StillStream archive, but at a much lower bitrate and in their original form without much in the way of tidying up or remastering.

This compilation is intended by the artist to be burnt to CD audio disks, as indicated by the CD number, and kept in a 10 CD tub. According to the artist, the CD artwork "may require some stretching to fit. The cover artwork can be printed and cut to fit the rim of the tub."

We are very happy to bring you this epic collection of remixes of Tange's best live performances, and hope it brings you many hours of listening pleasure.

256Kbps MP3

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