Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bosques de mi Mente - Ruido Blanco

Text taken from Clinical Archives

Just an album of simple, melancholic, minimalist music. It revolves around the concept of loneliness, distance and isolation. The inspiration for this disc has come from my own situation since I released “LoFi”, isolated in a new city, trapped in a room around a mess of cement and asphalt, far from everyone I knew. The recording process has been somewhat painful, and I was about to drop the album, but finally I have decided to release it as a way of catharsis. The artwork and cover design was made by Stefan Banaszkiewicz, and Marta González has helped me recording violin for two songs. I am in debt with both of them. Stefan, Marta, thanks, you have made “Ruido Blanco” a reality.

256Kbps MP3


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