Monday, November 29, 2010

Cousin Silas - Complex Silence 9

Text taken from Treetrunk

There are such artists that quietly create and share their works and perhaps never really surface in the wild wild world of netlabel artists.

And to a certain point Cousin Silas is one of the best kept secrets under the radar, born and raised in the Colne valley of West Yorkshire, UK.

He first released in 2001 commercially through Fflintcentral but quickly found the world of creative commons in 2005 with 4 releases to date on Earth Monkey productions, 4 releases on Earthrid and wandering through the netlabel world on Just not Normal, Acustronica, BFW Recordings.

As we all mature, it seems to me that through time the stronghold of Cousin Silas' work digs deeper and has grown more subtle whilst remaining quite fragile.

Today Cousin Silas presents his 14th solo album here on Treetrunk. Continuing in the fantastic series called Complex Silence, Phillip Wilkerson brings to light a marvellous group of artists that dwell on the complexities of silence. One thing you can be sure of; this nineth complexity is one to hold dear. For Cousin Silas certainly masters this beautiful tonal silence and brings a beautiful 10 track album to set your mind off, into ....."



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