Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ivan Čkonjević - Plavi bicikl pod oblacima rdje

Text taken from noechorecords

Album  "Plavi bicikl pod oblacima rdje" (Blue
bicycles under the clouds of rust) was
recorded between April and December 2007.
It consists of two parts, first entitled the same
as the album was written as the end theme of
the movie for student's film festival: "In same
deep water as you". Second part - "Umesto
Budjenja" (Instead of Awakening) is a main
theme of another movie also screened on
festival (Honey, honey, please put some sugar
in my coffee). Tracks were recorded during live
performances at amphitheater of Medical Faculty
in Novi Sad.

"Plavi bicikl pod oblacima rdje" is a third album
of Ivan Čkonjević.

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