Monday, November 29, 2010

Jannick Schou - Just Passing By

Text taken from Rural Colours

Jannick Schou is a Danish musician, netlabel-owner and graphic artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In early 2009 he founded the netlabel dotContemporary together with friend and web designer Mads Fors. Since he has had a number of releases on great labels such as Dead Pilot Records and Under The Spire, the most recent a collaboration with Clem Leek titled Pimlico.

Jannick’s music ranges from ultra-subtle ambient/drone to modern classical. Most of his music is made through digital processing of guitar and piano recordings: he also uses tapes, old tape delays and field recordings. Just passing by is a 20 minute piece made up of three sections combining worn textures and loops all beauiful segueing into one another.

320Kbps MP3


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