Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bas van Huizen - Wegwerpwee

Text taken from Resting Bell

Bas van Huizen is a sound and visual artist (video/animation) from Nijmegen the Netherlands. You may know him from his "Ontgalman"-release on test tube or from his physical releases on Etherkreet records. A label focusing on electroacoustic and improvised music, which he runs together with Ezra Jacobs.

"Wegwerpwee" contains 8 tracks. According to Bas most of the material is older than "Ontgalman", but he mixed and remastered everything for this release. And it is a wonderful piece of electroacoustic-experimental-ambient-music. "Wegwerpwee" has a rough, down-to-earth, handmade touch. Very drony, with background-noises, hisses, crackles, melody layers, all mixed and set together very carefully and subtly.

Please also have a listen to "Ontgalman" at test tube and his output on Etherkreet. And to maximise your pleasure: Make sure to listen with headphones.


Downloade lossless format

Last fm


  1. Hi Peter, Like to read your blurbs but wish you would put a more personal touch to them (for example....more about did you personally like or love or hate it and why)
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello red_lipstick.
    My English writing is not good so I will skip the reviews.
    All the music I link to is music I like to hear and I can recommend all the music. I do not link to music I did not like of course.
    I'm glad that you like my blog:)

    To write this, I use google translate and it takes forever to get everything to fit so it can be read

  3. Fyi: There's more Bas van Huizen @ the Etherkreet label page on Bandcamp:
    - And on his own page:

    Keep up the good work !
    Ib from Denmark