Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Elmooht - Live at Home

Text taken from Postunder

This recording is a studio recorded practise run of Elmooht's current live set, entitled "Elastic Foundations" - a nirotic, drifting ambient/exprimental show. Sweeping soundscapes, whispers, vague melodies, chants, and diffused urban sounds drone on hypnoticaly as the listener is taken on a mysterious journey within and without. Elmooht threads a dark and even scary tale, melting the gothic and holy with the futuristic, cynical cold of technology.

Elmooht performs using a backbone of three Creamware DSP cards running on a desktop computer, and an Alesis mixer. The cards run digital modular "noodle" patches and a couple of samplers, as well as a host of effects for the incoming audio. The mixer conects with a couple of walkmans, a cd player, a digital oscilator and the occasional toy. Elmooht uses a Yamaha Dx200 and Yamaha An1x for midi control of the creamware modulars and samplers.

256Kbps MP3

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