Thursday, September 30, 2010

...And The Earth Swarmed With Them - The Fading Voice Of The Old Era Speaks To Us, But Where Are The Ears Left To Hear It?

<a href="">The Fading Voice Of The Old Era Speaks To Us, But Where Are The Ears Left To Hear It? by Hawk Moon Records</a>

Final Light - Further Than You Think

Text taken from LostChildren

'Further Than You Think' is the second album from James Morris under his Final Light guise, following two years on from his Lost Children debut album, 'To Stop an Exploding Man...', displaying increased maturity and depth in both song writing and production.

Beautiful piano lines interspersed amongst glitched beats, layered with delicate guitar lines, subtle samples and electronic, synth-like sounds to produce an often haunting, always harmonious and graceful soundscape. A great achievement and huge progression in such short time.

VBR mp3


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Milhaven - Bars Closing Down

Text taken from 12rec

This release comes up with heavy guitar-drones.
Comparable to mogwai or do make say think, these guys combine the groove and harsh power of noiserock with unearthly beautiful melodies. No need for a vocalist when you're able to let your guitars sing!

"When Simon and me entered this hole for the first time, it was outside nearly as cold as inside. Remarkably less damp it wasn´t eighter down there, so that the sloppy roughcasted walls made a perfect ground for this magnificent mold. Simon plucked up all his courage and sat down on the scary looking couch (in a movie this would have made a smushy sound). Meanwhile I set up the old four track machine and the guys started playing to warm up.
Our first plan, to record every instrument seperately, turned out as impracticable. This band doesn´t work as a combination of different musicians. Milhaven are so grown together with themselves, their instruments and the delay in rehersals (as on stage, if it runs well), that every try of overdubbing would equal an amputation. So we took the risk of a hearing defect and recorded it all live...
Our production is surely only able to sketch a draft of the intensity of this band. But the love and the complete devotion of this young men to their rough, epic and unreal beautiful songs are indeed noticable in every note. Please listen to this LP as loud as possible."

192Kbps MP3

Képzelt Város - Mit Nekem

Text taken from progarchives

Képzelt Város is a hungarian post-rock band, formed in Budapest in 2005 by four architects.First EP WHITE NOISE was released in 2009, soon after came their debut album MIT NEKEM.Album could be downloaded from their site for free.

Listen on last fm

Milhaven - I.M. Wagner EP

Text taken from 12rec

Milhaven are a postrock-band from Bochum we discovered two years ago. Sven Swift recorded and produced their first album and this brand new EP. The story so far...

After the release of Bars Closing Down in the early days of 12rec, Milhaven soon became one of our most downloaded artists. In the Winter of 2006, nearly one year ago, we met in their old, dirt-laden rehearsal room and started to record new songs. Hooked by the success of the debut LP, Sven thrashed the old tape-recorder and spend all his money on a 10-channel audio-interface. Milhaven gone digital! We were planning to release the EP in the spring of 2006 until Milhaven got thrown out of the rehearsal room- the ancient school-building we were recording in was said to collapse! Two months went by searching for a new location. When it was found in the blooming hills of a small city at the edge of the Ruhr-area, the sound was completely different to the old room. All set to zero, we re-started the recordings.

In the scorching heat of Summer we banned this four songs on tape. While the debut was recorded wearing woolly hat and scarf, this time the band was lost in sweat and fatigue. I.M. Wagner is less intimate than Bars Closing Down, but there's a trace of frantic power in the new songs that'll be new to you if you've never seen Milhaven live on stage. Check the noise-eruptions in half-improvised Lord Of Birds or the all-consuming end of Oh! Great Pacific. Still, there are expanded moments of gentle guitar-play you can find a lot of beauty in; the initial parts of Clean Room and the final acoustic-track Firnis maybe just the most obvious examples. Milhaven refined their songwriting both at the quiet and the loud parts and managed to record a dignified successor to the highly acclaimed debut LP. Go spread the word!

192Kbps MP3


Milhaven - Milhaven

Text taken from 12rec

German Postrockers Milhaven, nobody can deny it, are part of the intimate circle of artists that are closely related to 12rec. We published their first two albums, but now we are happy to pass the flame. Albeit, we keep on hand to the torch - their new album, entitled "Milhaven", recorded at the infamous BluBox studios by Guido Lucas, is on purchase in a high-quality book sleeve via Valeot Records. At the same time, we are happy to announce that it is available for FREE DOWNLOAD from the 12rec. servers. Hell yeah. This is how Milhaven say thanks to everybody who supported the fab four with their former music.

"Milhaven" is simply the best, Milhaven not only recorded but wrote up to now. Their songs are epic and kinescope, still they never get out of hand or loose the melodic focus. This is classical Postrock, slightly experimental but eventually nothing else than sophisticated Pop music. Sure Milhaven might sound like Explosions in the Sky or Do Make Say Think every once a while. However, what makes them strong and unique is songwriting and integrity.

Milhaven do not flirt with Gothic, Metal or razzmatazz alike, their sound remains that of delay and volume but not distortion, the chamber musical minimum of two guitars, bass and battery. Tracks like "Supervulkan", "Barnabas", "Animal 3K" or the intense, textural "The Trees are in Misery" are songs that will stick in your head, that take you on an aural trip and will enrich your life. What else can music offer?

256Kbps MP3

milhaven website

Nyctalgia - "Time Changed Everything"

Text taken from Paralucid Records

"Nyctalgia was founded somewhen in winter 2007. Band-founder Silvio is still looking for some other people to join it. The first demo called "Time changed everything" was released on 20th august 2009 and contains five songs of ambient and classical influenced Post-rock. There are no specific plans for the future, but Nyctalgia won't stop now..."

192Kbps MP3

Nyctalgia on facebook

01- Nyctalgia
02- Time Changed Everything
03- Remains of a Blue Rose
04- Mira
05- Falling into nothingness

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Frozen Silence - Sky


Frozen Silence - Heart of Winter


Conelrad - Sure is the risk made

Text taken from bolachas

Electronic midtempo/drone/shoegaze album “Sure is the Risk Made”. The second by British electronic musician Conelrad. Reminiscent of acts like Boards of Canada, Stars of the Lid, My Bloody Valentine, et al. But also completely different.
Uses guitars, synths, beats to produce a blissful hour of creepy, intriguing, relaxing and sad music. Has been making some waves on BBC radio (the ‘single’, Up Periscope was played on 6Music recently). Definitely, definitely check this stuff out.

It is free to download and distribute as is all of conelrad’s music.

<a href="">Sure is the Risk Made by conelrad</a>

Downloade mp3
Downloade flac


[01] Up Periscope
[02] Charger Paris Mirage
[03] Byford Dolphin
[04] Samantha Smith
[05] Sure is the Risk Made
[06] Paternoster
[07] S.O.S. to the Entire World
[08] In the Hold
[09] Magnet
[10] Atom Spies
[11] Daughter (for Sara)

Light Under Water - Reflective Landscapes of Nowhere

Text taken from freemusicarchive

LIGHT UNDER WATER is a Moscow-based collaborative project by guitarists Dima T. Pilot and A.B. (both are the core members of BOSCH'S WITH YOU) and keyboardist Nick Zavriev (of AMBIDEXTROUS). Since 2006, the trio (or sometimes LUW appears as a guitar-duo) has been exploring areas of melodic electro-acoustic ambient, emotive organic drone, sonic minimalism, and eschatological psychodelia. By building and layering substantial resonant abstractions, LUW’s delusive imagery transcends the reality in a truly beautiful and unpredictable way.

Downloade and listen her

Melorman - Expressing Thoughts

Text taken from Archaic Horizon Records

Melorman's 'Expressing Thoughts' is a short melodious three track EP perfect for a rainy spring day. He renders a melancholy mood through melody and granular ambience that is complemented with soft fractured beats.

Based in Athens, Melorman is the moniker of Antonis Haniotakis. The EP is a tranquil expression of resonant melodies and chilled beats. Emphasizing an expansive aural environment, Melorman's synths orbit around a stereofield enriched with granular ambience and soft, fragmented percussion.

'Expressing Thoughts' may be a quick listen but by no means feels rushed. Crisp production and a diverse yet cohesive tracklist fuse this into a solid EP. As a free introduction to Melorman's style be sure to navigate to his myspace and check out the rest of his music, namely his album 'Far Away Morning'.

Downloade mp3
Downloade flac

Peter James - Holding On Letting Go

Text taken from Archaic Horizon Records

This first offering from uk based ambient artist peter james is a collection of tracks taken from his debut album "holding on – letting go", plus "flight of tears". this is in the same vein as the album tracks, and almost acts as a "full stop" to the end of that project.

the four album tracks are all particular parts of a long journey. from here to there. there to elsewhere. emotionally charged, longing, and sometimes difficult music, created almost entirely from bass guitar samples. these pieces are organic, evolving and involving. human and earthly as opposed to alien and otherworldly landscapes.


Electricwest - Divine De Vice

Text taken from archaichorizon

Manifesting an angelic sound through adverse emotions creates a dynamic structure to Divine de Vice. On the surface lie alluring tangible synths that glaze arduous and mysterious memories. Softly broken beats fringed at the edges skim across this ever fading finish, condensing the foggy barrier between a burdened past.

Beginning with a tranquil hum, "Before You Know I'm Gone" progresses from its quiet origin with distinctive glitching percussion, soft and effervescent. The unfamiliar melodies of "Hello Stranger" foreshadow the uncertain intentions of our own most powerful vice. "The Crawls" descends deep below a divine surface exposing the ominous workings of the often unseen.

The album is then completely reinterpreted through six various artists as well as a remix by Electricwest. As always, enjoy, and welcome to the new year.

Downloade mp3
Downloade flac

Orange Crush - The Fields

Text taken from Archaic Horizon Records

Located in Norway, Karl Endreson intuitively routes our senses to the memories of autumn, signaling us to observe and uphold the beauty of our natural world. This near hour long release has shifted the seasons and presents a spacious realm for us dreamers to roam.

"The Fields" can be described as a movement through the moods and emotions harvested by Orange Crush. Processing his music to age his sound, notably in songs like "Adrift" and "Across the Breeze” which immerse us into his significantly weathered melodies that warm our ears. Continuing these amenities, “Freedom Flight” delivers percussive developments that overlay his antiqued synths and vibrate perplexingly against one another. “Distant Child” follows a youthful excursion as sampled enigmatic voices continually surface through the timbre, fluctuating and evasive as they submerge back into the atmospheric fields.

Each track is delivered with utmost attention to detail and quality and offers immediate satisfaction, but do not allow the intricate and mischievous tones to elude your ears. Carefully investigate but also enjoy this release as it warms your environment.


Orange Crush - Autumn Reflections

Text taken from archaichorizon

Orange Crush is the moniker of musician Karl Endreson from Norway and under which he brings us his latest album "Autumn Reflections". For fans of his previous works, this album won't disappoint; the same beautiful nostalgic melodies, wavering synths, and slow lo-fi beats are present and even further developed.

Revolving songs around various themes of nature, Orange Crush captures and freezes ephemeral moments, places where a listeners mind can wander through his hazy reverb drenched sonics. All of it is perfectly polished and mixed with samples and field recordings that give this album a brilliant atmosphere.

Downloade mp3
Downloade flac

Tunguska Chillout Grooves

Downloade and listen from
Downloade and listen from
Vol 1
Vol 2
Vol 3
Vol 4
Vol 5

<a href="">Tunguska Chillout Grooves vol.1 by Tunguska Electronic Music Society</a>

<a href="">Tunguska Chillout Grooves vol.5 by Tunguska Electronic Music Society</a>

Monday, September 27, 2010

Inglorious Ocean - Puffin on my side - Early morning

Text taken from ingloriousocean

Music: post-rock | ambient
Location: Italy, Rome

Alessio Mecozzi is a guitarist who performs under the name Puffin on my side since 2007. He is also the guitarist and founding member of the instrumental post-rock band Mokadelic.

As Puffin on my side, a one-man solo project, Alessio composes guitar-based soundscapes and experimental music. His sound is a kind of ambiental post-rock, electronic elements and synth-drums accompany the melody, the reverberant guitar-tone recalls cinematic landscapes and dreamy atmospheres.

Puffin on my side has released Insider (D.N.A. net label) in October 2008 and Early morning in November 2009.

<a href="">Puffin on my side - Early morning by Inglorious Ocean</a>

1.static emperor 07:18
2.I will not fight 05:36 conquers all 06:22
4.winter coast sand 06:00

All India Radio - Once a Day

Text taken from allindiaradio

All India Radio 'Once a Day' - 25 songs given away free daily leading up to Christmas 2009. It includes remixes, alt versions, and favourite album tracks. Download for free (just enter a zero amount when prompted) Thanks in advance if you decide to send a few dollars our way...but don't feel obliged to!

<a href="">Once a Day by All India Radio</a>

The Nature of Light - Shores of Jupiter

Text taken from Webbed Hand

The Nature of Light returns to Webbed Hand with this remarkable new album of orchestral ambient soundscapes. Put on some headphones, close your eyes, and listen to a movie unfold in your mind.

Written, Recorded and Produced by: The Nature of Light
Mastered by R. Terwilliger
Date: Febuary 2008
Recorded at: The Cabin

192Kbps MP3

Track Listing:
01 Alien Windstorm
02 Reacquainting with an Old Soul
03 Time Stands Still
04 Ocean Deep Eyes
05 Swimming with the Stars Part III
06 Swimming with the Stars Part VIII
07 Between the Blue
08 Sounds that Echo on the Shoreline

The Nature of Light - A Lullaby for Madisen

Text taken from Webbed Hand

Webbed Hand Records welcomes in 2008 by welcoming a new artist to the label. A Lullaby for Madisen is the first album on Webbed Hand for The Nature of Light. This set of recordings is a soothing ambient journey made up of electronic, electroacoustic, and field recorded elements, blended nicely into a continuous flow.

"An ambient journey through water and waves, Air and Space. A lullaby written for a dear friend, who holds more than a special place in my heart." -- The Artist.

Recorded and Produced by: The Nature of Light
Mastered by Robert Terwilliger
Date: December 2007
Recorded at: The Cabin

192Kbps MP3

Track Listing:
1 Dusk Fell Early That Day
2 The Rain Painted on a Broken Canvas
3 Slumber Sets
4 Bird Song in Alpha
5 The Oceans Heartbeat
6 Bird Song in Theta
7 A Lover I Have Never Touched
8 The Choir of Gamma
9 Bird Song in Delta
10 The Voyage of Teresina
11 R.E.M.

Post Human Era - To Build A Fire

Text taken from Clinical Archives

Post Human Era is the work of multi-instrumentalist Daniel Finfer. With the help of brother Michael Finfer, the duo utilize electronic beats, ambient synths, and transcendent lyrics to construct a colorful palette of sounds and textures similar to The Postal Service, Death Cab For Cutie, The Notwist, and Nine Inch Nails.

320Kbps MP3

1. You In The Future
2. Lost Children
3. Replacing You
4. Empty Shells
5. Snowblind
6. Directions
7. The Sound Of Strangers
8. Surface
11.Warm Is Near

Endlos - Kein Grund zufrieden zu sein

Text taken from 1Bit Wonder

After their first release on 1bit earned so many praises, we are happy to see another EP by Endlos on our netlabel. This time, Mario and Daniel have put together exclusive live versions of five tracks from their last CD "Kein Grund zufrieden zu sein": Slowly flowing epics, melancholic dialogues of machines and guitars. Live support comes from Johannes Russ (bass & guitar) and Martin (sax).

256Kbps MP3

1. Gestern warst du anders
2. Renne durch dein Leben
3. Hast du viele hast du keine
4. Ich bin Dur (Martin am Saxophon)
5. Ist das alles

Frank Molder - Come With Me

Text taken from 1Bit Wonder

With 1bit 027, Frank steps up for another beautiful ambient release: Melodies and bass lines in perfect harmony, backed up by soft broken beats. Being a big fan of Juno6, Frank took his "Inside the Blue" and gave it the unique Molder handwriting while the title track "Come With Me" shows us another, previously undisplayed side of himself: Forward striving and full of energy. This album impressively shows Frank's producing abilities and his development as an artist. We say: Chapeau!

256Kbps MP3

1. Orbital Movement
2. Under Water Society
3. Japanese Soup
4. Electrobot
5. Global Warming
6. Inside the Blue
7. Come With Me
8. 16 Seconds
9. Softball
10. Space Observer

Algol - Follow The Cepheid Light

Text taken from NULLL Records

Epic space ambient. Travel between the stars and wonders of the universe.

VBR (76.5 Mb)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

S.T. - Emotions In A Box EP

Text taken from Monotonik

We're proud to welcome the debut release on Monotonik from Stefan Ternemar, the Swedish artist also known as S.T. 'Emotions In A Box' is Stefan's first set of songs released anywhere outside his own webpage, and it's a fitting introduction to his bold, melodically strident idm electronics.

First off would be 'Downtown', almost Huelsbeck-ian in its wish to get straight down to brass tacks and blast you with carefully considered catchiness, heaping layer upon layer of gorgeously synthetic sounds onto the mix. 'Alone But Not Lonely' is similarly, headnoddingly good, and the title track builds up to a wonderful multitracked cacophany of unforgettable sonics. Finally, 'Eternal Sleep' finishes things off with a high-score table melding of classic game soundtrack stylings, the new melodic school of idm, and an unmistakable ear for the beautiful. All in all, we claim, a hit, a palpable hit.



ST - I'll Meet You There EP

Text taken from Monotonik

Following the first Monotonik release from Swedish idm-ish artist Stefan Ternemar, aka ST, in 2003, we waited around a little, and suddenly, another EP popped up. Interestingly, although the first 'Emotions In A Box' release was very much epic electronic, almost Chris Huelsbeck-ian synthwork, everyone evolves, and thanks to guest spots from a fellow Swedish Monotonik artist (check the ID3 tags for a hint), and some new influences, the 'I'll Meet You There EP' keeps the epic melodies, but slides in some beautiful vocals and spoken-word idylls in a decidedly indielectronic style.

Thus, we start with 'Csanca', all glittering stridency and brief, shimmering guest vocals, before 'I'll Meet You There' itself wanders along, exhibiting tumultuous serenity of the highest order, along with extra guest guitars and vocals of serious yearning, before 'I Met A Girl With Butterfly Wings', including extra-serene spoken word from Sofie Eriksson, finishes thing off in a glittering fashion, twinning ST's trademark almost new-wave drum sounds with mixed-down female voice and instructional melodies. All in all, an evolution, a dashed evolution, and as sure as dolphins were monkeys, we like the way ST is heading.

192Kbps MP3

Philip Sulidae - Hidden and Tied

Text taken from audiogourmet

Philip Sulidae is a sound artist from Sydney, Australia who is steadily increasing his profile within the scene, thanks to his magnificent sound design.
His compositions typically comprise of densely layered dark drones, punctuated by an array of field recordings.
He has previously released music on Audiotalaia, Ripples Recordings, Dontcaresulidae and now with 'Hidden and Tied', he provides us with 15 minutes of free music here on Audio Gourmet.

'Hidden and Tied' opens with 'Autumn In Town', a mysterious and stormy multi-layered drone piece that is so typical of Sulidae's work. 'Rotten Wood and Clothes' somehow manages to yet further build the tension of this gradual and eerie record.
The EP closes with the slightly more tonal 'Forgetting What's Been Lost', an immersive and slowly unfurling closing piece that brings a shrill calm to this brooding 15 minute record.

This is a stunning example of the kind of quality we intend to keep bringing to you via Audio Gourmet. Philip Sulidae is an artist of the highest calibre and we expect great things from him through the future as he further hones his craft.

He has recently put together a mix of just over half an hour's music, as a transmission of murky drones for Play My Tape. It is a mix equally as exquisite as Philip's EP for Audio Gourmet and is the kind of mix that will have you going back for repeated listens:

<a href="">Hidden and Tied by Audio Gourmet Netlabel</a>

Deep Into Perspectives - The Lost Tapes

Text taken from audiogourmet

Deep Into Perspectives is ambient and experimental artist Kent Nymann, hailing from Oslo, Norway. Through ambient drones, melodic elements and field recordings, he intends to search for pure artistic expression.
All sounds are handcrafted and layered gradually during the production process, eventually serving as dense, detailed soundscapes as each finished piece is completed.

Deep Into Perspectives has served us this three track exploration of a more pure ambient sound, specifically trailored for Audio Gourmet. The basis of these were formed from past recordings Kent had in his 'vault' of sound, and then gradually built upon through several layers of newly recorded accent takes. Thus, 'The Lost Tapes' have been born, free for your enjoyment...

Kent Nymann has been prolific as an artist over the last few years, with several pieces of electronic sound experiments available for streaming via his Myspace page:

You can also check out his album 'Other Place' on iTunes by searching for 'Deep Into Perspectives'

For more information, visit:

<a href="">The Lost Tapes by Audio Gourmet Netlabel</a>

Ibreathefur - Phosphenes

Text taken from audiogourmet

Ibreathefur is the ambient/experimental project name of Chris Spearman, based in South East England. Earlier this year, he has had a split cassette release with He Can Jog on the Luvsound Records sublabel Wolf Interval and this Autumn, he is due an EP CD release on the brilliant Under The Spire label (
Other on-going projects include composing for live art performances and independent film.

Here for his EP Audio Gourmet, 'Phosphenes' is an example of the sort of finely-woven ambient drones that you can expect to hear from him.

A few words from Chris on the concept behind this brief but highly compelling listen:

"These three tracks are inspired by the sensation of light that can occur without light actually entering the eye; a phenomenon known as phosphenes. I tend to experience phosphenes when I am in a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep (especially on long train journeys), with abstract patterns manifesting themselves seemingly within my own eyes. Even though these light patterns seem random, my mind in its half-sleep state associates an equally-as-abstract sense of beauty and understanding to them. Occasionally these phosphenes cross over into actual dreams, and forms begin to emerge out of the light."

We hope you enjoy this superb free E.P from Ibreathefur and support Chris's future output off the back of hearing this stunning piece of work.

<a href="">Phosphenes by Audio Gourmet Netlabel</a>