Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chris Lynn - The clouds have settled in

Text taken from Just Not Normal

Chris Lynn is a multifaceted filmmaker and Sound Artist from Maryland, USA. His work has been screened at festivals and galleries in the United States, Europe and Mexico. His short films focus primarily in urban and rural landscapes. His sound pieces are an assemblage of field recordings, ambient pieces, and soundtracks from his films.
I personally have stumbled upon Chrisâ soundpieces through the various releases he has out on Earth Monkey, Electronic Music and Misspelled Records. Through time I have always enjoyed his works a lot and when Chris knocked on JNNâs door for a future release I was well stumped and immediately took him in. And I have certainly been rewarded with a fine release filled with fragile yet beautiful soundscapes from what appear to be recordings somewhere in Asia. But I believe that is not the common factor of this release. Having heard this now a few times there is a timidness in these recordings, something that nourishes the listeners ears and soul and refreshes the mind.
If youâre a fan of field recordings then this is a release not to be missed. Donât say you havenât been warned!


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