Friday, November 5, 2010

Forgotten Backyard – de poussière rouge EP

Text taken from reverbnation

Forgotten Backyard is a Experimental Dark Industrial Ambient project, born in January 2010, which includes and combines reality and dreams to create a unique atmosphere.
Reality of a industrialized world in which only steel and iron talk, and man’s massive architectures planted on a vast empty land, a place where everything is asleep : only machines and steel speak in hollow lands below the infinite black smoke-sky. In these lands one can find only emptiness and hopelessness combined with endless sounds of forgotten machines controled by the ignorant man. It is the journey of a lost drifter who wants to find reason of existence and at the same time who wants to escape from the past. But in this dark-skyed world he only finds emptiness and a silent horror.
The unreal side of this project is based on dreams, on unreal places produced from a troubled mind of a lost man. Spiritual places of darkness, emptiness, paranoia or pleasure and mental evolution almost always wrapped in melancholy. Places of unknown gods and distorted reality.
Forgotten Backyard is about the inner madness and paranoia which is hidden and balanced.
World became a forgotten backyard, under infinite black skies, destroyed by the man,
an Earth of Steel.

320Kbps MP3


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