Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mosca - The Blue Sunshine (One)

Text taken from Phantom Channel

Mosca delivers a dense, out of this stratosphere ambient sound, inherently powerful yet deceptively tranquil. Such is the calming nature of Mosca's wall-shaking ambient noise, music that drips with all the viscosity of syrup, that those who listen to it are wrapped in a thick cocoon of sanguine sound.

Witnesses of his rare but legendary live performances will atest to Mosca's immense power. Foundations have been shaken, plaster has been cracked , light fixtures have been broken, and minds have been well and truly melted. There has even been rumours of outer-body experiences and other unnatural psychological states. Mosca is archetypal essential headphone listening.

'The Blue Sunshine(One)' is the first part of a quadrilogy. Clocking in precisely at a whopping 3600 seconds of seamless, sky-scraping, cloud-kissing , star-hugging bliss.

VBR mp3


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