Friday, April 29, 2011

Collin Thomas - April Triptych

Text taken from Resting Bell

Collin Thomas is an experimental musician, composer, and artist. He has composed numerous pieces including works for percussion, winds and many different chamber ensembles. As an experimental musician, Thomas has released over ten albums, many of which can be downloaded for free.

April Triptych is a two hour long piece chronicling a typical suburban morning, afternoon, and night. Elements of three are two-fold: 1. three field recordings of a backyard in a housing complex layered and sequenced. 2. three musical elements, two utilizing traditional instruments, the third an extremely elongated renaissance madrigal using sine waves.

Thomas creates a truely unique cosmos with these four elements. Bird sounds, leaves, voices and gusts of wind are woven together with piano sprinkles and a grounding, drone-like basement, taking the listener on a long and calming voyage.

320Kbps MP3

Downloade: Collin Thomas - windows​/​walks


Spheruleus - Tales From The Labyrinth

Text taken from monocromatica

«'A Labyrinth, unlike a Maze, has one clear/unambiguous/obvious route to the centre. Whereas a Maze has many complex and difficult to negotiate pathways.' - H. Towell

Although there's certainly wisdom in Towell's words, the choice of following (or not) the clear path of the labyrinth is always on the table when we initiate the journey; And here is no different: 'Tales From the Labyrinth' - the new work from Harry Towell's brainchild project Spheruleus - lays a clear path for the listener to follow, from beginning to end, but it also offers him other routes, some of which could be dead ends, making you go back to the start and re-initiate the journey. This is the perfect soundtrack translation into a music experience from what a Labyrinth is.

Towell is also right when he writes:

'The ancient ideas behind the Labyrinth were to create a spiralling pathway to the centre, where a holy shrine or statue would be. During the walk through the Labyrinth's spiralling pathway, the person making the journey would feel separated from the outside world and it would give time for reflection and to focus the mind.'

That said, the Maze's original purpose is to confuse the user into getting out of it, hiding the real way out in plain view, dissimulated. The only goal is to get out. There is nothing at the center.
The Labyrinth has clearly a goal at the centre. Close your eyes, play it loud, and use headphones to be guided all the way in.» - Pedro Leitão

Listen and downloade

Downloade: Spheruleus – Forgotten Outland
Downloade: Spheruleus - The Disguised Familiar
Downloade: Spheruleus - A Vision Obscured
Downloade: Spheruleus - Rust EP

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bored Man Ganesh - Entlang

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sokpb Avabodha - Velitchiye Gor

Text taken from sokpbavabodha

One composition, three chords and endless variations of pauses and accents. Monumentality and grandeur of the mountains, expressed in 27 minutes insinuating guitar passages.

Released 01 December 2010

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kurrel the Raven - DEEPER WORLDS

Text taken from kurreltheraven

Over an hour of droning, rumbling atmospherics from outer space to your inner space. Turn off the lights, put on the headphones and drift.

The tracks are meant to be enjoyed continuously in one program. Pick whatever format you can play gaplessly. :)

Check out the promo video on YouTube or read the liner notes at

Marc Robot - Une route

Ghostheory - Swan Songs

Text taken from Webbed Hand

Field recordings and dark resonant tones permeate this new ambient drone work by Ghostheory.

"Hypnotic drones... warm sounds... veiled in a deeply shadowed darkness. Black and white cinema. A bit of noir, a bit of horror. A deep melody plays its dreary song while metallic sounds bounce and echo off the tight walls... bleak digitized atmospheres weave, ebb, and flow.

Ghostheory creates richly textured sonic atmospheres and unflinchingly intimate soundscapes, combined with vocal washes and a warming flood of molten, ethereal noise. A slowly shifting palette of drones, clangs, inscrutable noises, and static blurred into a beautiful and melancholy waking dream."

320Kbps MP3


Friday, April 22, 2011

Quiet Evenings Fog Hammers

3" CD-R (edition of 10)
Hobo Cult Records

Part of the Hobo Cult 3" CD Boxset Vol.I

Luis Antero - Water Recordings III

Text taken from Just Not Normal

Today March 22nd 2011 is World Water day. By special request from Luis release of his latest field recordings album is on this special day.

For those familiar with the works from Luis, a portugese sound enthusiast, know that his recordings are of very high quality and always very pure in its essence and so is this release. Pure water, so pure it makes the listener thirsty.
Locations where these recordings are from: Local das Gravacoes; Sobral de S. Miguel (Covilha); Agroal (Pomares, Arganil): Mangualde da Serra (Gouveia) â Portugal.

Sit back and enjoy the 37 minutes of trickle treats.


Downloade: Luis Antero - Water Recordings II
Downloade: Luis Antero - Life

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tidal - Butterfly Coil

C50 originally released on Hobo Cult Records

released 03 January 2011
Music by J. Billingham
Artwork by Francesco De Gallo



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Altus - Sleep Theory Volume 1

Text taken from altusmusic

Introducing a new series from Altus called “Sleep Theory”.
Originally I had planned this to be warm drone style release for sleeping purposes, but I found what I had created to be tedious and boring. In fact, after completing the first pass of the three tracks, I considered scrapping the entire project.

Instead, I decided to re-purpose and re-design the existing elements into something more pleasing to my ears. These are tonally active yet hypnotic soundscapes, and in my opinion require multiple listens to get the most use out of them.

It’s best experienced at lower listening levels, and headphones are encouraged. Available to download in 320kb MP3, and FLAC for those who rather to burn to CD.

Review by Brian Zimmer

Composed December 2010 to March 2011
Dedicated to Lucette Bourdin.  1954-2011.
Thank you for your gift of art and music.
You will be remembered in the hearts of many.

Listen and downloade

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Fosel - The Rule Of Signs

Text taken from domadata

"The track is named after René Descartes and his work La Géométrie where he describes The Rule of Signs, a technique for determining the number of positive or negative real roots of a polynomial. Beyond the fact the computer is a machine that performs arithmetic instruction, Descartes' theory has nothing to do with the music."

released 06 April 2011
recorded mid-March 2011, in Austin, Texas, by Kurt Nimmo

cover photo by Kurt Nimmo

nigul - de sobte tot canvia

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gareth Davis / Jan Kleefstra / Romke Kleefstra - Sieleslyk

Text taken from Rural Colours

Jan and Romke Kleefstra are brothers, currently based in The Netherlands who have previously collaborated with Machinefabriek and Peter Broderick amongst many others. On Sieleslyk they are joined by British artist Gareth Davis to make some ominous dynamic soundscapes using guitar, clarinet and spoken word.

The spoken words of Jan Kleefstra are in Frisian, a minority language spoken in the north of the Netherlands.

Music by Gareth Davis (bass- and contrabass clarinet) and Romke Kleefstra
(guitars and effects), words and voice by Jan Kleefstra.

Recorded by Jan Switters at Studio Landscape, Gauw (The Netherlands), February 5/6 2009. Mixed and mastered by Gareth Davis, Amsterdam, October 2010.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Сreation VI - Apeiros

Text taken from DNA Production

Apeiros (Greek word means "infinitely incognizable") is a term Plato used for description of primary matter which is out of principle of the form. Unlike the common matter of the perceived Universe, Apeiros has to contain determinacy principle as it should be the beginning for everything else. But also it means that Apeiros must stay indefinite. Thus here is an actualization of the transcendent into immanent.

"Apeiros" by Creation VI is an original picture of Universe where superstrings theory combines with Plato’s doctrine about the matter and Hindu universe conception combines with quantum mechanics.
The World here looks like united decentralized network where each element can express all others. The World as a universal wave function of indefinite number of vibrating superstrings which all are just monad essences cuts, indefinite archetypes that continuously actualize itself and thus create the stream of unboundedness.


Downloade: Creation VI - Planetary Nebula


Headaches + Foxes In Fiction - Untitled

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jake Jackson - Abstract Transmissions

Text taken from Earth Mantra Netlabel

We at Earth Mantra find it remarkable how many great ambient musicians there are in the community, and we feel privileged whenever we have the opportunity to meet a new artist and release their work to the world. Such is our honor today, as we introduce Jake Jackson to our audience, with his jaw-dropping new album "Abstract Transmissions".

Folks, we have a real treat in store for you here. From the moment we started listening to Jake's work, we knew that we were hearing something truly special. There are a lot of ambient artists out there who can put together competent ambience; a subset of those artists can produce results that are truly interesting, and fewer still create music that is genuinely compelling. But very few artists can create compelling music that is both abstract and textural as well as tonal and composed, fusing it all together into a whole that feels natural and, indeed, inevitable. Such is the level of talent Jake brings to bear with this beautiful album.

The music of "Abstract Transmissions" deals heavily in drone, but only insofar as the melody and song structure has a pace that makes it feel like drone. For underneath the surface beats a heart of tonal magnificence slowly flowing across the soundscape like molten lava, powerful and unstoppable. This is the kind of ambient music that justifiably demands active listening, the kind of work that will make you sit up in your chair and pay attention to all the fascinating things happening to your ears.

If the music itself weren't enough, Jake also obviously paid careful attention to the sound stage. The recordings are clear and smooth, and the sound design is exquisite. Really, this album hits on all cylinders with perfect timing, the kind of ambience that we think our fans will want to hear again and again.

So with great pleasure we unveil "Abstract Transmissions" and add Jake Jackson to the family of Earth Mantra artists. Another album that we feel certainly will go down as one of the notable titles of 2011. Welcome to Earth Mantra, Jake.
Released in April 2011

320Kbps MP3

36 - Memories In Widescreen

Text taken from 3six

• Limited Edition Vinyl Picture Discs.
• Strictly limited to 250 copies, with NO repress.
• First 50 copies come with the bonus CD "Bass Communion Reprocessed by 36"
• Free MP3/FLAC version with every purchase.
• Digital version includes two exclusive tracks.
• Individually hand numbered and stickered.
• Packaged in 2 polysleeves, placed in a heavyweight PVC sleeve.
• High quality vinyl mailers, so they arrive in perfect condition.
• Artwork and design by 36.

"Memories In Widescreen" is the first vinyl-exclusive album from 36, with 13 tracks spanning 70 minutes of material.

The intense, bitter-sweet melancholia of "After Time" converses with the touching, dreamlike quality of "Lucid", whilst the huge bass drones of "Vesl" preclude the haunting "Revert Time", bringing the album to it's heart breaking conclusion.

"Memories In Widescreen" is available in limited edition 2xLP picture disc vinyl. The record includes a free coupon to download the digital version for free, including 2 exclusive bonus tracks. Each record is individually hand numbered from the artist, with the first 50 records including a bonus CD, with unreleased tracks, never heard before.

36 has made ​​all albums free to download or pay what you want
Thank you for the gift 3six

36 - Cocoon / Saphron

Text taken from 3six

The "3six Seven" series is a collection of 7" vinyl releases. These will be limited to 100 copies, in carefully printed full-colour sleeves, matt laminated, with stunning artwork, curated by various artists around the world. Hand numbered by the artist. No represses will be made in this format.

The first release features the tracks "Cocoon" and "Saphron". Artwork by Masaki Okezawa.

"Cocoon" uses low-end pressure and dub-like delay to create an ever-rising, constantly evolving sound, with an intensity matched only by it's sensitivity.

"Saphron" is pure melancholia, with melodic padwork and drifting textures, reminiscent of the most haunting moments from Hypersona, but taken even deeper into the abyss.

The digital version includes the bonus track "Saphron Drowning" which is a moodier, darker edit of the original.

It is music for the earliest of hours, lighting a candle of sound that illuminates any headspace

Nobuto Suda - The Locus of The Life

All the money from this album is donated to the tsunami and earthquake relief via the Japanese Red Cross.

released 23 March 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sloum - Night Time In the Owsla

Text taken from camomillemusic

Brian Evans' work reaches out and brings you within. Like a warm wind, you become suspended in its density. In its depth, we feel sweeping signs of hope, drifting without restraint.
We're proud to release such a beautiful album. Sloum makes us wonder and stare at our surroundings ; he seems to be able to give extra minutes to our days.

Night time in the owsla by Sloum by Camomille



Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kirill Platonkin - Transfiguration

Text taken from Webbed Hand

Kirill Platonkin's first release for Webbed Hand is a trio of shimmery drone-ambient blended with field recordings.

About the Album:
"The idea of creating this album is based on a conclusion, that a Human Being with his consciousness, is a very complicated psychic system, representing a Transfigurator. The point is, that everyday we get a lot of information: positive or negative impressions, news, observations, reflections and so on. Units of information are numerous, and in certain moments, all these units are processed by our minds, and turned into some item of creation - a picture, a song, a sculpture, what not. And it is truly difficult to predict, which way our consciousness will transform them. As for this album, it is a transfiguration of the complex of walks, talks, books, dreams and anticipation of summer."

About the Artist:
"I was born in 1986 in the Russian Far Eastern town Blagoveshchensk, and since early childhood was interested in enigmatic music - I started with the sound of Pink Floyd. At the age of 16 I learnt to play guitar, and some years after, besides listening to the music, I began writing it myself. First, it was psychedelic rock and avant-garde, but later drone ambient became the dominant preference." --K.P.
Produced January 2011

320Kbps MP3


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bas van Huizen - Wegwerpwee

Text taken from Resting Bell

Bas van Huizen is a sound and visual artist (video/animation) from Nijmegen the Netherlands. You may know him from his "Ontgalman"-release on test tube or from his physical releases on Etherkreet records. A label focusing on electroacoustic and improvised music, which he runs together with Ezra Jacobs.

"Wegwerpwee" contains 8 tracks. According to Bas most of the material is older than "Ontgalman", but he mixed and remastered everything for this release. And it is a wonderful piece of electroacoustic-experimental-ambient-music. "Wegwerpwee" has a rough, down-to-earth, handmade touch. Very drony, with background-noises, hisses, crackles, melody layers, all mixed and set together very carefully and subtly.

Please also have a listen to "Ontgalman" at test tube and his output on Etherkreet. And to maximise your pleasure: Make sure to listen with headphones.


Downloade lossless format

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bing Satellites - Time

Text taken from BFW Recordings

Bing Satellites returns with the fourth release in as many months.
'Time' is an ambient album but it is emotive and psycheldelic, touched by Bing's love of shoegaze and experimental music. The sounds on this album come from a wide variety of sources - synths, laptop, guitar, clapped ot old keyboards and objects lying around Bing's studio in Manchester.

192Kbps MP3

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ananta - Four Ways Of Redemption

Text taken from RAIN netlabel

This is the 10th release of the RAIN netlabel. But not only because of this it's special. This recording brings almost 5 hours of unique music.
Just try to imagine this landscape: a lake covered with unsearchable mist, surrounded by a dark forest...And finally inside the lake but also somewhere around - there is the abyss.
The abyss of dark, disturbing nightmares, silent voices and undefinable shapes.

We hope you will enjoy these soundscapes.

192Kbps MP3


jmdkm - Red Sea

Text taken from Silent Flow

Red Sea is jmdkm's 2nd audio release and is based on electro-acoustic improvisation.
jmdkm likes to present an almost soothing notion of sound. This collection tries to capture a more beatdriven gesture. The arrangments are edgy, eerie and somewhat overwhelming perhaps. The arrangments are edgy, eerie and somewhat overwhelming perhaps. The general idea is to perform and represent true ambient.
The actual recordings came together by using: AMfrequencies, toykeyboards, winds, percussion, FX & digital editing.
The arrangsments were written between 2009-2011 (Croatia / the Netherlands).


Downloade: jmdkm – Start Here

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Nova Scotian Arms - Slow Architecture

Text taken from novascotianarms

Split with Motion Sickness of Time Travel
2xCassette (edition of 100)
Sweat Lodge Guru (SLG019)

Grant and Rachel Evans construct monuments of sound that calcify and expand as deliberately as the soil beneath them washes away – time-lapsed and reversed erosion; melodies and distortion are extracted from sparkling beds of sediment and adhered to the foundation in algorithmic patterns of fractal intensity. Slow Architecture seeks out the empty corners of the psyche and builds its towering steeples of noise therein. This set of two pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes is limited to 100 copies. Packaged together in a clear cassette album.

Grip the other half of the split here:

released 08 March 2011