Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sinkfield - Sun Burned Memories

Text taken from archaichorizon

Sun Burned Memories is a mellow afternoon of daydreams where Jose Rodriguez has embraced a state of absentmindedness. His preference for thickly layered synths, absorbed with glaring light and muffled with delicate shadows are most knowingly revealed in "doll face" and "carmine", both of which easily allow ones thoughts to be completely dissolved. Additionally, subtle lo-fi qualities personify the different fields of sound and contribute to the humble atmosphere of the EP.

Sinkfield enlivens his sound with crisp analog bass and down-tempo beats like that in "rainbow patch" or "nicole" which both express a carefree perspective. In all the release is clear-cut in its production and fit for a midsummer day.

VBR mp3
192kbps mp3

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