Sunday, November 7, 2010

Astrowind - Der Leuchtturm

Text taken from Resting Bell

Welcome to the new Astrowind-release. Kriipis Tulo and Mahi Bukimi put together nearly 78 minutes of warm and floating Astrowind-sounds. They released albums on such great netlabels like 12rec, Electrosound and Musica Excentrica, and now they are back on Resting Bell, where they released "Somewhere The Music Had Been Played" one year ago.

"Der Leuchtturm" is the german phrase for "lighthouse", and the album is dedicated to the old city Libava, now Liepaja, the baltic seaside and the lighthouses there. Warm and deep synth-drones are floating around like some obscure fog, and in-between little glitches, higher tones, samples from far, far away and melodie-fragments are blinking like an old lighthouse, guiding you through the dark and abyssal carpet, woven by old russian analog synths and desktop fx's.

Please have also a look on the fantastic artwork, done by Grisha Kochenov.

eden xperiment from pixel noizz on Vimeo.

320Kbps MP3


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