Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stray Ghost - A House Of Gold And Oak

Text taken from Phantom Channel

Following hot on the heels of two stellar records released on Dead Pilot Records and Highpoint Lowlife respectively, Stray Ghost delivers the monolithic A House of Gold and Oak for Phantom Channels 5th webrelease

Ghost is one Ant Saggers, who constructs deep drone steeped in a haunted melancholia. His music often teeters on the brink of oblivion, where throbbing pulses of sound and other sonic rumblings are in danger of consuming everything they touch. Yet, as this piece proves, his slowly intensifying sound exudes a sense of hope and optimism amidst the darkness as we are unwittingly led down an increasingly plaintive orchestral path.

A House of Gold and Oak unfurls majestically over almost twenty minutes, touching on cornerstones including Tangerine Dream and Godspeed You Black Emperor and finds Stray Ghost operating in a Symphonic-Drone stratosphere all to his own.



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