Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Herzog - Small Loves EP

Text taken from Audio Gourmet

Herzog is the solo artist project of Bill Bawden from South London, UK. Many will be familiar with his work on the likes of Resting Bell, Serein and 12Rec and we are fortunate to be able to bring his latest work to you through Audio Gourmet.

'Small Loves' is a short set of musical vignettes inspired from childhood. For example, the front cover is a photograph taken from the artist's bedroom window, reminding of watching rain droplets 'race each other' across a car window whilst on a long journey. In fact, it was the auditory memories of rain/car/radio/motorway that inspired Bill to craft this sonic portrait of that moment in time.

The main musical influences for the work of Herzog are cited as being Fennesz, William Basinski and Colleen as well as bands such as Low, Mogwai and The Microphones. Bill's musical tastes are eclectic however and so influences can come from almost anywhere.

These many musical influences bleed into the work of Herzog, as a melting pot of different tones and textures. The three tracks that make up 'Small Loves' were created from a simple acoustic loop, which was manipulated for a long time until something different and unexpected was coaxed out of it to form the backbone of each piece. Many of the clicks and pops that arise through the process of cutting up the various samples have been retained, making for subtle extra detail. Over-distortion and clipping effects have been put back into the mix, at a lower volume to further extend the textures you can hear in 'Small Loves'

I am told that Herzog is slowly working on his first full length album, so much to look forward to! For the meantime, feel free to explore and enjoy this magnificent EP....



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