Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Deepspace - World Ocean Atlas

Text taken from Community Audio

Electronic Ambient music
Influences: Steve Roach, Telomere, Vidna Obmana, Stars of the Lid, Brian Eno

Album notes:
I used to look through a lot of geographical atlases as a kid. You
know, those old, now dusty books that you still occasionally see on the
shelves of old second hand bookstore. I used to ponder excitedly (if
that is possible) about the mysteries that lay on some of the more
obscure maps, particularly the ocean ones. I kept getting that feeling
as I recorded this album. And in the end, the title kind of explained what the pieces were trying to get at.

It's called 'World Ocean Atlas.' and follows on from 'The Glittering

Domain.' Ambient and beatless as usual, this album works on the idea of
obscure desolate places created by your imagination, and the idea of an
atlas comprised purely of maps of oceans. I hope you like it.

This album was partly financed by a grant by Arts Queensland. The money funded
a trip to New Zealand, where three of the tracks were written.
Thanks to Arts Queensland for the support.

Downloade Deepspace - Subantarctic Sessions (EP)


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