Friday, June 24, 2011

Isnaj Dui & Hybernation - Something More

Text taken from Rural Colours

Stuart Bowditch, aka Hybernation, is a sound artist and musician who is inspired by his love of places and the people, objects and experiences he encounters there. He has released an album on Cotton Goods 'E2 & E8', 2 EP's on Rednetic Recordings 'Snow Cover' and 'Greyhound Park', a split Floppy Disc on Courier 'Parcel 02' alongside many remixes and collaborations.

Katie English, aka Isnaj Dui, is a classically trained flautist working within electroacoustic music who uses electronically manipulated flutes and homemade instruments. To date she has had several releases including 'Amacrine' on Smallfish (2007), 'Unstable Equilibrium' on Home Normal (2009) and ‘Protective Displacement’, a previous release on Rural Colours (2010).

Having known each other for several years, Stuart and Katie agreed to remix each others’ tracks. Happy with the results they then went on to record a collaborative track; Stuart processing Katie's source sound and adding a mandolin sample to Katie’s looped flute lines, the EP as a whole resulting in 'Something More' than the sum of its parts.


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Saito Koji - Luck

Text taken from Resting Bell

I think Saito Koji needs only little introduction. Besides his three former Resting Bell-releases, he released his work on labels like Kokeshidisk, Somehow Recordings, SEM , taâlem, Magic Book Records, Kesh Recordings and Gears of Sand Recordings.

His new Resting Bell-release "Luck" consists of three tracks with a total duration of 48 minutes. The first track "Old Tape Magic" starts off with a beautiful 20-minute long drone. Beautiful, bright and shimmering. The short middle piece "Count" is a more rhythmic and pulsative interlude, followed by another 20-minute piece called "Luck" which has a much more melodic and lucid quality. Saito Koji continues to produce simply wonderful, meditative music with a warm and soft feeling in which you can get lost every time you listen.

As I can say for all of Saito's releases: My recommendation is to put up your headphones, close your eyes and relax.

320Kbps MP3

Download: Saito Koji - Candle
Download: Saito Koji - Time / Line

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

obe:lus - Love's Uneasy Tears e​.​p.

Industrial-ambient-drone e.p.

released 20 June 2011

Lauki - 69º54´S​-​135º12´E

Text taken from audiogourmet

Next up on Audio Gourmet, we present an EP of five tracks by Spanish artist Lauki. He was born in Pamplona and lives in Barcelona where he currently works as freelance sound technician and composer.

Mikel Lauki has several other projects, including f.ex and Lupus where he blends ambient music and IDM. At the end of 2008 the netlabel 49manekinow published his album “Obertura”, a piece of sound experiments trapped within IDM, glitch and concrete music boundaries.
He is also part of the collective Sci-Phi, where he explores through different audiovisual pieces, the connection between image, sound and the sensibility of the time we live.

He has a particular weakness for contemporary classic music, generative art and the aesthetics of the digital error.
With the juxtaposition of classical music set to fractured digital manipulation, 69º54´S-135º12´E is characterised by crystalline nets of microsound, glitch and computer sounds that break upon contact with the delicately analog melancholy of rubbed strings.

The contrast of these two ingredients is stark, like ice melting in the hot summer sun. The ice is fragile and vulnerable, inevitably melting away quickly in the intensity of the heat. For this EP, the five short tracks reference this beautifully as the modern classical melodies are quickly melted into droplets by the electronic glitches, evaporating in just fifteen minutes.

The beauty is in the collapse...

Additional liner notes from the artist:
"69º54´S-135º12´E - Coordinates scribbled on a map, lost, then recovered in the world of dreams. In the coldest region, the promise of breaking through the inner ice. The polar desert, another frontier of our planetary existence, a territory where only fools and heroes dare to go."

released 21 June 2011
Produced by Lauki

Collaboration - Track 2 "Deconstrucción". main violin - Heike Grafe.

Original photograph by Sdroie:
Artwork design by Urtzi Ziarsolo
Texts by Irantzu Piquero

Monday, June 20, 2011

David Tagg - The Lingering Path


released 01 March 2008

Parallel Gaze - Wave

ZAC KEILLER - Migration

Text taken from zackeiller

The third in a series of EPs created during 2005. The other two being "Stay" available as part of the Dreamland Recordings online series and "Venture" available as part of the Shamefile Records "Terra Australis Incognita" series of Australia artists. Migration was never released, but was recently dusted off and newly remastered for your ears.

released 01 October 2005

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Andrew Lahiff - Airscapes Vol. 1

Text taken from Ambient New World

A continues mix of Andrew Lahiff's music. Mixed by Michael Lanfield. Made by Ambient New World in Canada. 3 CDs. All free to download. For more music visit

All music is ambient and space. Drift dream music. Airscapes Vol. 1 disc 1-3. enjoy. Email any comments, questions or suggestions to


Download: Andrew Lahiff - Shapes in Clouds
Download: Andrew Lahiff - Emerging Signals
Download: Andrew Lahiff - Fading Motionless Nights
Download: Andrew Lahiff - Tracing Memories of the Silent Earth

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Geotherm - Distances

Slowly evolving compositions over stretches of time, like field recordings of deep dreams.

released 17 June 2011 
All tracks written by Leonce Nelson 
Recorded March 10 - April 8, 2011 
Tape-op by Will Burnett

Fabio Orsi & Seaworthy - Near And Faraway

Text taken from lowpoint

A meeting of minds spanning thousands of miles, 'Near And Faraway' marks the joint release by Italian ambient musician Fabio Orsi and Seaworthy, a three piece collective from Sydney, Australia.

With the 51 minute running time divided equally into three parts, each artist contributes a solo track which in turn bookend a collaborative composition that forms the album’s centrepiece.

Originally from Naples, Italy, but now a resident of Berlin, Fabio Orsi’s solo contribution to the album, ‘Evening By Evening’ skilfully demonstrates why he is regarded as one of his home country’s premier underground musicians. Utilising layers of guitars, keyboards and found sounds, Orsi creates an atmospheric audio postcard with a tangible sense of time and place.

Seaworthy, primarily the recording project of core member Cameron Webb, with additional instrumentation from Sam Shinazzi and Greg Bird, present ‘Branch And Stone’ a minimalist soundscape of looped guitar, electronics and field recordings. Throughout the track pervades a highly refined sense of texture, creating something at once intimate yet panoramic.

The individual elements of both artists are brought together for the title track, ‘Near And Faraway’. Through the long distance exchange of ideas and sound files, their shared experimental, yet melodic approach to composition are incorporated to form one unified whole. An album that is a perfect show of individuality, which is also able to represent itself as a greater cohesive entity.

released 20 July 2009

Fabio Orsi


Gareth Hardwick - Of The Sea And Shore

Text taken from lowpoint

‘Of The Sea And Shore’ is the third album (and the first full length consisting entirely of new material since his debut release in 2006) by Nottingham musician Gareth Hardwick.

Inspired by visits to remote coastal locations around the UK, Gareth has created an album that draws upon the cyclical nature of the tides and the forces of nature that regulate the oceans.

Recorded over a four month period during the Winter of 2009/10, Gareth's characteristic long form guitar drones have been enhanced by a widened palette of sounds consisting of different instrumentation, effects and recording techniques. Cymbals and chimes supply a percussive undercurrent, whilst radio static, dictaphone field recordings and harmonium are used to add further texture.

As a result, through subtle layering and delivery, 'Of The Sea And Shore' is perhaps Gareth's most accomplished and focused work to date. Over the course of two beautiful long form tracks, a tangible sense of time and place is presented to the listener, evoking grainy recollections of forgotten landscapes.

released 09 August 2010
Mastered by Taylor Deupree

Kyle Bobby Dunn - A Young Person's Guide To Kyle Bobby Dunn

Text taken from lowpoint

Spread across two cds with a total running time of nearly two hours, ‘A Young Person’s Guide To…’ is a stunning collection of recordings from New York based minimalist composer and sound artist Kyle Bobby Dunn.

Four tracks on the first disc originally appeared as the download only album ‘Fervency’, released by the Moodgadget label in 2009. Impressed by Dunn’s sensitive and world-wise compositions, it was felt that the music deserved to be released on a physical format and expanded upon with a second disc containing an additional 60 minutes of music gathered from the same period as the ‘Fervency’ recordings.

Utilising an instrumental palette of guitar, strings and brass, often played by classically trained musicians drafted in on the spur of the moment, the sounds of these sessions were recorded as Dunn dictated and then reworked via computer processing into spine-tingling soundscapes.

Dunn's compositions here are fully rich in timbre, painterly, hopelessly romantic and haunting; balanced between a wash of pure sound and an ornate yet subtle dance of classical instrumentation. Occupying a truly cinematic scope, these pieces can transport the listener from the deepest and most forgotten landscapes to the furthest recesses of time.

released 18 January 2010

Celer - Mane Blooms

Text taken from lowpoint

‘Mane Blooms’ is the very first vinyl release by Celer, the husband and wife duo Will Long and Danielle Baquet-Long

Seen by Celer as an 'outdoor' companion piece to ‘Brittle’, the duo’s album recently released on Low Point, the music on ‘Mane Blooms’ was created by multiple layers of cello and piano, which were then processed and played back at differing speeds. Also contained within the tracks are field recordings taken whilst Dani rode horses along the Californian coastline, a weekly pursuit that acted as a form of self-therapy and enjoyment.

With the music composed specifically with the vinyl medium in mind, the two sides of the record act as a mirror image. For the B side, Celer approached the music of the first track in reverse, inverting the structure and musical motifs established within the first piece. Altering the playback speed of the vinyl brings previously hidden textures to the fore, providing each of the tracks with a new identity and a different reflection of memory.

released 19 October 2009

Friday, June 17, 2011

Le Berger - Expeditions on the Grayscale (one tiny, two medium and a grand one)

All profit from sales until April 1st will be donated to help the relief & reconstruction effort in the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan.

released 15 March 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kirill Platonkin - Trails

Text taken from audiogourmet

Although Audio Gourmet is based in the relatively small isles of the United Kingdom, we like to think of ourselves as part of an international community. Our catalog has seen us release work from artists from all continents bar Africa so far! Yet it must be pointed out that with the rise of the internet, the geography of a record label is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

So onto our latest 15 minute EP from afar, we welcome Kirill Platonkin to the fold. Kirill is from a town called Blagoveshchensk in far Eastern Russia. It lies at the point of confluence of two rivers, Amur and Zeva. Kirill was born in 1986 and began writing music in 2002, centering his early work around psychedelic rock. With Pink Floyd a huge influence since before he can remember, Kirill progressed onto playing in a thrash metal group for a while before eventually moving on to experiment with sound by himself.

Through a couple of early pseudonyms such as Platon and GhostSonic and some releases under his belt, Kirill Platonkin became of age. He chose to drop his attempts at finding a name for his works and decided upon using his birthname for future output.
This has led to releases on labels such as Dark Winter, Treetrunk, Circlesandlines and his own Tukuringra netlabel.

Kirill's sound falls loosely into the dark ambient category and is made up from field recordings and sounds he captures from his instrument collection which includes guitar, flutes and ethnic instruments.
Collecting instruments is very much an accompanying hobby for this artist and he is always searching for new objects to impact his music

For Audio Gourmet, Kirill has put together 'Trails', a three track EP of dense and brooding ambient music. Dark ambient music is a saturated sub-genre in which only a select band of artists are able to come up with something challenging and well put together. Kirill Platonkin is one of these artists, as you will soon hear for yourelf...

released 16 June 2011
Produced by Kirill Platonkin
Artwork: Drawing by Kirill Platonkin

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ex Confusion - Small Reality

Text taken from Rural Colours

Ex Confusion is Atsuhito Omori from Japan who creates gentle ambient works using looped guitar sounds and synthesizer. To date releases have appeared on Heat Death, U-Cover and Somehow recordings. Small Reality contains 5 fairly short tracks each between 3-4 minutes in length. Chapter 5 recently appeared on the compilation album "For Nihon".

Dedicated to your beautiful memories...


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Benjamin Dauer - Saturation Event

Text taken from Feedbackloop Label

Based in Washington, D.C, Benjamin Dauer is a musician, artist and designer who is in possession of a talent that is combined with an impressive output. Besides his solo material, Benjamin is also known as one half of The Dwindlers, a duo with partner Michelle Seaman, whose recent album Dreams was also released on Portugalâs Feedback Loop to very favourable reviews. All this without a single slip in quality, one has to wonder where Benjamin derives such a wealth of inspiration from and when he finds time to sleep.

Saturation Event is an album comprising seven ambient tracks, thick with explorative synthesis and brooding undertones which surround the listener and hint at something which could be sinister, just out of reach. Opening with Borderland Of Sleep, Benjamin composes with care and the artist removes all trace of human design, leaving one alone to navigate a journey through the mysterious and immersive listening experience.

By mid-point, Benjamin delivers the intangible Crown Of Sparks, a possible album highlight, though it is difficult to pick out specific moments in such a cohesive, organic work. After many more high points have passed, the album comes to a close all too soon with Transient Pool. Saturation Event is another unique gem in Feedback Loopâs ever-expanding roster of experimental music and a work which will inspire further exploration of Benjamin's rich back catalogue of music.

Adam Williams

mastered by panicStudios
photo by Jessica Aliaga Lavrijsen
cover design by Leonardo Rosado
(cc) by nc nd June 2011


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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kluge - All That You Can't Leave Behind

Text taken from kluge

Release on French netlabel Nowaki with the support and assistance of Marc Jolibois.

Also you can find it at Nowaki catalog

Please visit Nowaki webpage:

released 11 June 2011
Nowaki. 06-2011

The album was free when I posted it now cost it 1€

Gimu - The Sacred

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quinn Walker and Danny Clay - Track A​/​Track B

Text taken from audiogourmet

With a straight up 'a and b' side EP, we welcome Quinn Walker and Danny Clay to the Audio Gourmet netlabel.

Their long distance collaborative effort through file-sharing and sample swapping has yielded these fifteen minutes of sound, constructed from various acoustic instrument treatments, drone textures and field recordings.
Quinn is based in Daegu, South Korea and Danny is based in Ohio, US. Despite the far-flung locations in which these artists reside, their results sound remarkably coherent and restrained. Its parts mutate and evolve, gathering momentum slowly throughout these two tracks.
'Of The Days And Shapes' is a patiently building piece comprised of discernable instrument and chime sources that have been shaped into a kaleidoscopic soundscape.
'Wavering Lines Rise And Fall' closes the EP in a beautiful manner, with the building of organic drone sounds that rise and fall gracefully.

A glance at their past discography and you'll see that both artists have released 3" cd-rs through the Heat Death imprint. Aside from this, they are relatively new to the scene with two releases each. Danny has had both of his released through Heat Death whilst Quinn's other EP 'The Weight Of Care' was put out on the Rural Colours label earlier this year.
Their respective tallys now sit at three EPs each, with 'Track A/Track B' also serving as a highlight in the Audio Gourmet netlabel catalog...enjoy!

released 07 June 2011
Produced by Quinn Walker and Danny Clay
Artwork selected by Quinn Walker

Monday, June 6, 2011

Landrecorder - Morning-Afternoon-Evening

Text takenfrom Feedbackloop Label

Reportedly, that would be a music box, not an ice-cream truck, coasting into (aural) view early on during "Evening" -- those tinkling notes immediately summoning up (mental) images of childhood, despite their objectively terse, metallic timbres.

"Evening" is the third and final track of Landrecorder's lovely, daylong, slo-mo odyssey. We know it is a music box because of some brief liner notes provided by Landrecorder but without that insider information, we might not be entirely certain. This is because Landrecorder mixes field recordings and instrumentation in a way that artfully confuses any preconceived notions of scale.

In that one track alone, we hear mournful piano chords, the delicately wound music box, and a variety of field noise, including birdsong and street sounds -- often at the same time. By and large, Landrecorder's approach is to maintain such sounds at the same relative volume level, and the result is that the piano and the music box, the avian calls and some random bristly disturbance, are all set alongside each other, like so many ducks in a row.

Occasionally he modifies these sounds -- there's some backward masking on "Morning" that mimics the seep of a half-lost thought, and during "Evening" the piano at one point is echoed majestically -- but his primary technique is deeply, and creatively, curatorial: combining unassociated sonic elements into something new.

Landrecorder announces the importance of framing in his technique at the album's outset, when "Morning" begins with an acoustic guitar part on repeat, as if a needle has been set down more than once at the same place on an old piece of vinyl. A similar sense of nostalgia is infused in all three tracks, from the mournful harmonica on "Morning" to the distant chatter of children on "Afternoon," to the way the sound of a car driving past brings "Evening" (and, hence, the full set) to a close.

This compositional technique mirrors the process of memory, things combined in unlikely combinations, and in unlikely proportions: sometimes warped, sometimes laid bare. And both approaches, in Landrecorder's hands, lead to tantalizing results.


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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Savaran - Resonances

Text taken from Feedbackloop Label

Welsh electroacoustic artist Mark Walters aka Savaran comes to Feedbackloop with a five track EP 'Resonances' after a number of netlabel releases over the past year. Utilising both digital and analogue instrumentation with field recordings, samples and an array of effects, Mark develops refined micro-soundscapes, tightly knit into granular textures which demand an attentive ear. In Resonances he marks waypoints in the contours of his own life, describing personal experiences - memories of events and locations - and his own interests in history, astronomy and geology.

Opener 'The Forest' is closely grounded in nature, a perpetually moving and shifting piece - being more and more ethereal. 'Aurora' cinematically depicts the sound of the lights in the sky created by particles passing through the atmosphere. A granular focus that is present also in the micro movements suggested in 'Tectonic'. Constructed literally from the vibrations of earthquakes through a custom built digital effect, the track offers a kind of cathartis, made all the more relevant with the recent happenings in Japan. 'Graaw' is a childhood place remembered and revisted, illustrated with a careful eye, and representative of Mark's unique observational style.

In last track 'Delphic' we've travelled as far from earthly groundings as we can, to otherworldly dimensions set within Greek mythology. Delphi was the seat of the oracle, housed in the temple of Apollo. Inspired by this historic reference - Mark translates these dramatic visuals into an exciting sonic experience.

Resonances is deeply personal, born from historic and personal interest which reveals itself to be emotionally evocative and intriguing for the listener. By allowing us this intimate insight into these parts of himself, Mark achieves a brilliant expression of his own history, memory and self.


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Dentist - Accidents

Text taken from Rural Colours

"Dentist is the ambient/ drone project of Washington, D.C.-based recording artist Lou DiBenedetto, also known as one half of Bengalfuel. Last year saw the release of Bengalfuel's Rural Colours EP, Feldspar. Dentist now presents his own contribution to the subscription series, a selection of four early tracks that should appeal to fans of Bengalfuel's intoxicating drones. Accidents is the second proper Dentist release, and it's a slightly more accessible set compared to Cuts, his debut LP of cinematic, often uncompromising synthscapes out earlier this year on Auraltone Music.

Accidents opens with 'Lost Track,' and allows us to get lost indeed. This extraterrestrial ballad sets the tone of the EP: deluxe journeys in sound that are full of mysteria and wonder. ‘Spirals’ is pure oceanic bliss which seems never to begin or end. It washes over like a delicate current on a sunlit beach, beautified by one swelling synth riff after another, each bringing in the news of the sea and cleansing the day’s memories. ‘Spray’ is its sister and her shades are deeper; the day has passed. Musical valium, spliff-enhancement, soothing background or all three, these 22 minutes are no accident: heaven-painted moods from an artist who has given the listener something lovingly done with the splendor that is life in this galaxy."


whirr - Revealed underworld

Fennel - Relics

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tange and Bing Satellites - A Crossing Of Paths

Text taken from BFW Recordings

The first collaboration between ambient musicians Tange and Bing Satellites - hopefully the first of many.

You may know Bing Satellites from his many releases here on BFW recordings.

Many of you will be aware of Tange through his catalogue of beautiful ambient music, some of which you can download for free from the wonderful Earth Mantra netlabel.

Others will know him through his radio show Mysterious Semblance on StillStream which airs weekly on Friday at midnight UK time (6pm CST).

released 04 June 2011
all music by Tange and Bing Satellites

320Kbps MP3

Friday, June 3, 2011

Listening Mirror - Midnight at Teques, Storm Approaching

Text taken from soundcloud

A reworking of Guitar Improv 1 with added field recording of the lake at Tequesquitengo, near Cuernavaca, Mexico. At midnight with a thunderstorm approaching in the distance.
A diversion from the usual LM sound. Normal service will be restored soon! :-)

 Midnight at Teques, Storm Approaching by Listening Mirror

No album art, I've used my own photo!

This one was only free to download for a few days!

Download: Listening Mirror - Falling Under
Download: Listening Mirror - Wet Roads


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ben John Robertson - Its What Was in the Sky That Day

Text taken from pingthings

ping things is very pleased to release Ben John Robertson's latest EP "Its What Was in the Sky That Day". By turns delicate and uneasy, Robertson's work blends abstract feedback and noise with unfiltered and raw emotion to create an engaging and powerful listening experience that stays with you long after the last tones have faded.



Tuesday, May 31, 2011

VA - In the rhetoric of rupture and re​-​appropriation

Text taken from capillarywaves

"...many field records covered with deep drone, digital cracking sounds and special effects are especially close to each other as if you can touch the sounding object with your hand. It's the main distinctive feature of this music, together with it you fall hundreds of meters under the earth surface, there is no sun ray, no wide spaces and each new rustle makes your heart sink..."
pi micron | SOUND PROECTOR

released 01 July 2009

Palancar - Elysium Planitia

Text taken from Earth Mantra Netlabe

We have another Palancar release in store for you today, this time a re-release of a title originally from 2003. Called "Elysium Planitia", this is a collection of ambient space music that was described by one fan as "the quintessential Mars album". Originally released commercially on Blue Water Records, this album is now re-released and available freely under Creative Commons via Earth Mantra.

The 'prequel' in many ways to Darrell Burgan's 2010 Palancar release "Serenitatis", "Elysium Planitia" is intended to be a sound track to accompany an imaginary visit to the red planet. Each piece is named after a particular location on Mars, and each attempts to evoke the sights and sounds that one might experience if one could visit such an exotic locale. Unlike "Serenitatis", the music of this release is more tightly focused on pure space music, with more emphasis on ambience and sound design, and correspondingly less rhythm and traditional melody.

Though the album is primarily solo pieces, Palancar was joined by Gwydi on "Aureum Chaos", and by FootFall on "Olympus Mons".

Darrell is proud of the music in this album, and hopes listeners find the music both enjoyable and inspiring.

320Kbps MP3

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Offthesky and Pillow Garden - A Dream In A Dream

Text taken from audiogourmet

The Audio Gourmet first birthday festivities continue and we're the ones offering the presents...and what a treat it is too! 
Ever since the birth of the label last year, we've been talking to Jason Corder about the possibility of releasing an Offthesky EP on Audio Gourmet. Now a year on, it is a reality - he has teamed up again with Pillow Garden for this short excursion ahead of a stunning solo debut for Hibernate, due out this summer.

"A Dream In A Dream" is the debut EP from Offthesky and Pillow Garden. For many Offthesky will need little introduction, having graced several of the finest labels and netlabels such as Home Normal, Resting Bell and Zymogen. This prolific artist has been operating in this field for about a decade and has become a firm favourite with many. His project alongside Pillow Garden began with several live performances and first surfaced as the opening track to Audio Gourmet's Hidden Landscapes compilation album released in January 2011.

Pillow Garden is experimental new media artist and educator Sarah Chung. She uses a variety of field recordings, orphaned instruments and curious objects to create collages of layered compositions. Sarah especially enjoys the process of revealing hidden sounds that are secretly embedded in any ordinary or extraordinary object; pine cones, books, bird cages, chairs, forks and glasses are just some of the items that may be found/heard. Pillow garden invites the listener to lie back and contemplate the various sounds that have been stretched, cultivated and sown like seeds to grow in the lush multifarious garden of your imagination.

A Dream In A Dream carefully fuses the artists' respective backgrounds together in a dense wash of detail that never quite reaches a crescendo. Heavily treated recordings of instruments, gently mutated vocals, field recordings, subtle chimes and snippets of tape-deck effects make for an otherworldly listening experience that gives off a warm glow from start to finish.
Conceptually, the EP maps out dreams within dreams; several unconscious experiences that are half thought and collapsing in on one another. Always encouraging the wandering of thoughts and offering a gentle push into the daydream, this two piece set will have you spinning out into the fantastical in no time.

released 24 May 2011
Pillow Garden is the audio collaboration of Sarah Chung and Jason Corder. |