Thursday, December 2, 2010

alexis+olly - Spring Leaves to Winter Snow Fall

Text taken from concretemoniker

Emerging from deep within the mists of the Luxembourg forests, alexis arrives with his second offering for Moniker - a beautiful, mysterious, haunting and utterly enchanting record which broadens and deepens his sound-world. alexis continues to draw on his signature vein of brooding, submersive electronic soundscapes which now also include recognisable natural field recordings from his current home in the forests of Luxembourg, and introduces a new collaborator olly, who provides enigmatic vocals and subtle, sensitive guitar embellishments.

alexis describes spring leaves to winter snow fall:
"olly came to luxembourg to record some songs between the forests in spring; as the leaves turned, soundscapes emerged; a selection of songs nestled amongst passing seasons"

Each download comes complete with a set of photographs taken by the artist, documenting the seasons change throughout the recording and writing of the record, as well as beautifully designed photo-sheets containing the lyrics.

Any fans of alexis' previous release 'the mists', or those who know and love work by Leafcutter John or the wonderful Touch label (or really anyone who loves good music) should look no further. Download your copy now!

released 05 April 2010
olly: guitars, vocals
alexis: sound

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