Friday, December 24, 2010

Eleven Steps – One Week Early

Text taken from ropeswingcities

Steve Scherrelies returns to Rope Swing Cities with One Week Early his second release of beautifully nostalgic guitar based soundscapes. We’ve been waiting for more since the debut of A View of the River last summer, and we couldn’t be happier with the eleven well-crafted songs that comprise this album.

Eleven Steps always features his manipulations of the guitar at the center of his pieces, weaving a tapestry of field recordings and other sound creations around the focus of each track. With almost no percussion to speak of, the rhythm of each piece is communicated in the motion of the tones and washes of sound, creating an atmosphere of the peaceful swish-swaying of leaves in the breeze. Inspired by travel and the exploration of the world and oneself, Scherrelies presents a contemplative train ride through the country side, or a hushed wander through the anonymous bustle of the city streets.

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