Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Seetyca - Die Zeichen

Text taken from Okkulth Records

Seetyca are amongst the stahlwarts of germany’s ambient scene. and beyond. they have been at it since the early nineties and own the mbira cdr label for experimental music. the vast discography spans over 70 releases, including contributions by great artists such as mick harris, franziska baumann, mathias grassow, scott gibbons and kapotte muziek.

seetyca caught the attention of okkulth when we immersed ourselves in their treetrunk release die comoedia von der zeit. (recently remixed by zieltogend: the vergeten tijdperk net release on smell the stench.) this was reason enough to contact seetyca and to our delight, they gave us die zeichen. we didn’t even have to ask! and what a beautiful piece of work it has become. all about longevity, deep ambiances and delightful drawn-out sounds. it’s a special world, one that we love to live in.

192Kbps MP3

Downloade - Seetyca - Seetycan (Grue & Bleen)
Downloade: Seetyca - Das Zubrochene Antlitz
Downloade: Seetyca - Lost In The Ayre

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