Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stephen Philips - Constant 2

Text taken from TZP Drone Company

Extremely minimal textured deep chill drone

256Kbps MP3

Downloade: Stephen Philips - Neptune Is A Gas Giant
Downloade: Stephen Philips - Jupiter's Moons
Downloade: Stephen Philips - The Massive Jupiter

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  1. Glen Campbell is a music legend. If this album is his last, then it is a fine one. "Ghost On The Canvas" is a pretty love song. This song has a relaxed tone with goregous musical arrangements. This song reminds me of a poem with all the different images of ghosts and a wheat field. This tune is very romantic. "A Better Place" is a beautiful song that features Glen playing the acoustic guitar. This is a song about coming to terms with his mortality. It is a song about having a spiritual faith that I like very much.