Thursday, January 13, 2011

Listening Mirror - After The Briefest Of Pauses

Text taken from Rural Colours

For this release, Listening Mirror was the collaborative ambient/drone project of Jeff Stonehouse and Kate Tustain.
Jeff's background is in sound recording, generation and manipulation. Kate is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist. Listening Mirror is a hybrid of their various disciplines and an attempt to extract some beauty from the noise that surrounds us all every day."
Their second release comprises of two tracks, 'The Leechpool' is composed of a field recording from some local woodland, combined with improvised piano which is then looped and manipulated.(Written by Jeff Stonehouse) 'Venice Boxhead' is a recording of a spring morning in Jeff's garden combined with looped and treated piano by Kate. (Written by Jeff Stonehouse and Kate Tustain)

320Kbps MP3

Downloade: Listening Mirror - Intensity Breeds Inertia


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