Saturday, January 8, 2011

CDRX and The Ghost Between The Strings - The Constancy Of Change

Text taken from Eg0cide Productions

"The Constancy of Change" is the 1st collaboration between CDRX and The Ghost Between The Strings. CDRX has used 2 long pieces from TGBTS : Constant 24 and constant 15, which were both released as free mp3s on Treetrunk, label ran by Thomas Park aka Mystified, creator of the Constant Serie.
CDRX didn't modify TGBTS sounds, but added several new layer of sounds, to build some original experimental soundscapes, full of subtle shifts and mysterious atmospheres.
Another collaboration between these 2 one-person projects is on its way...

256Kbps MP3

Myspace: The Ghost Between The Strings
Myspace: cdrx

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