Monday, January 3, 2011

mayfairgrin - Back Yard Black Birds

Text taken from time theory

mayfairgrin is one of the projects of Andrew Latham, who has had previous releases on Webbed Hand and his own Kulture Shift Media. We were offered the opportunity of releasing a mayfairgrin album, and are proud to present it to you now.

mayfaigrin creates a celestial sort of ambient sound, reflective and moody, and somewhat meditative on a more complex level. "Back Yard Black Birds" consists of two long drone pieces, which shimmer and and shift slowly throughout their duration. It's easy to get pleasantly lost in these pieces. Extended and granulated warm voices ebb and flow through the mix, giving the sound a mystical feeling.

Lie back and drift away on this one.

320Kbps MP3


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