Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lusruta - Sailing The Sea Of Nothingness

Text taken from Eg0cide Productions

Despite being Lusruta's first official release, "Sailing the sea of nothingness" is a very mature and achieved recording. This epic droning piece could remind you of Steve Roach's most minimal works like "darkest before dawn" or "a deeper silence" but it has an undoubtedly personal touch...

...Lay down and close your eyes...The sea of nothingness is loaded with powerful bass resonances and discreetly illuminated by an etheral starlight...You are floating, or flying, or drowning - or maybe simply dreaming?... The abyss is pulsating under you, thick and mysterious...The wide night sky upon you makes you breathe freer and deeper....Your mind becomes thin and extensive like the horizon...

...If after this first trip, you don't want to go back on the ground, please be aware that "Transparent Obscurity", Lusruta's 2nd album is in progress, and shall be released on cd-r by eg0cide in a few months.




  1. Hello,
    check out Lusruta's new album "Solemnizing The Trivial" you might like it.

    Be well!