Saturday, January 15, 2011

Akinesia - Each Flower Is Love

Text taken from DNA Production

A bit reserved and closed in infinite chain of its own loops, this work is similar to a lover or to a flower.

Like a lover's mood, it's dreamy and lonely, and its light drone loops weave a canvas which is painted with rare sounds. Like a flower, it's romantic, impetuous and a bit tragic when stirringly light guitar chords fall on the canvas like drops of blood or petals.

A flower live whole life for weeks, hurrying to grow, to blossom, to present everybody its beauty, to love whole world each second of its life. Each flower is lively and full of love.

This twenty three minutes piece is whole life, a full cycle for a flower - from germination to fading. And somewhere between is bright and brief blossoming when each flower is as beautiful as the love itself.



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