Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pura Sombar - Tongues falling from an opened sky EP

Text taken from Eg0cide Productions

Pura Sombar is a duo of 2 cousins : Kecap Tilil and kecap Tuyul, they have released 2 albums on the french cdr label CommA
Their music is quite hard to describe (ranging from melancholic psych folk, droney free rock, esoteric improvisations) so if you're curious about it just check samples on their myspace page

"Tongues falling from an opened sky" is their most spacey and droney recording to date. It was made with only stringed instruments (and effects). Its troubled, fragile harmonies (like fallen from broken spheres) will take you in a 21 min drift between stellar melancholy and oceanic peace...



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