Thursday, January 13, 2011

Radere - Maple Drip

Text taken from Rural Colours

Radere is the nom du plume of Carl Ritger, a Philadelphia-based writer and sound artist. Inspired by the notions of stasis and chance, he has been exploring the fusion of acoustic sound sources and digital production techniques since 2003. Largely shunning synthesis in favor of heavily processed organic loops, Ritger’s aesthetic aims to strike a delicate balance between densely textured washes of sound and subtle rhythmic structures. His full-length debut – A Process In The Weather Of The Heart – was recently issued via Full Spectrum Records.

Maple Drip marks his sophomore effort, showcasing a composition that has popped up in his live performances in one form or another for nearly two years. Intended as an ode to the transition from winter to spring, this EP stands as a more minimalist effort than the decidedly denser soundworld found on his Full Spectrum release. Stripping away much of the digital processing techniques that defined that album, Ritger reveals an interlocking mosaic of guitar loops, field recordings and burbling electronics that gradually accumulates to a shimmering wall of sound, all textural thrums and immersive resonances.

Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri.

Released November 2010 as part of Rural Colours’ subscription pack 5.

320Kbps MP3



  1. Tak for dl-link. Hørte den på Drone Zone radio den anden dag. Genialt track!

  2. Jeg er glad for at jeg kunne hjælpe dig :)
    Ja det er guf for øregangene.