Saturday, January 15, 2011

Implex Grace - Les Océans d'un Passé Lointain

Text taken from distancerecordings

As part of an attempt to resurrect the very first works of the Implex Grace project, veteran Distance Recordings artist
Michael Perry Goodman has retrieved several loops that were originally written and recorded in 2004, then salvaged from close schoolmate and friend, Paul Brandt. The loops were thought to be lost, but have since been given a new life.

The French title translates to "The Oceans of Distant Past" which is meant to express just how old this particular music is in relation to the Implex Grace project. The music was first recorded to cassette tapes and re-recorded back into digital files which were then edited down to seamless loops and eventually forgotten through lost hard drives and time.

Listen and downloade

Downloade: Implex Grace - Diamond of Disappearance


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