Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Simon Whetham & VA - Active Crossover

Text taken from impulsivehabitat

On May of 2009 Simon Whetham participated in a residency
at the Polymer Factory Culturehouse in Tallinn, Estonia to compose new work, collaborate with other artists using sound and run deep listening, field recording and composition workshops.

This release is result of an exchange that brought together artists such as Jez Riley French, Iris Garrelfs, John Grzinich and Piibe Piirma to mention a few.

The sound installation and resulting release from this collaborative work is described by Simon Whetham here:

"... a large scale sound installation in two sonically treated chambers, creating three separate listening experiences. In  one you hear my composition in the other work by all the artists I worked and performed with. When outside the enclosed spaces, the listener will hear both, combining my work with that of the guest artists. The track released by Impulsive Habitat is a composed approximation of being in the exhibition space and moving around the three chambers.
You will hear my work in isolation, and that of the guest artists, but also a combination of the two."

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