Monday, September 27, 2010

The Nature of Light - A Lullaby for Madisen

Text taken from Webbed Hand

Webbed Hand Records welcomes in 2008 by welcoming a new artist to the label. A Lullaby for Madisen is the first album on Webbed Hand for The Nature of Light. This set of recordings is a soothing ambient journey made up of electronic, electroacoustic, and field recorded elements, blended nicely into a continuous flow.

"An ambient journey through water and waves, Air and Space. A lullaby written for a dear friend, who holds more than a special place in my heart." -- The Artist.

Recorded and Produced by: The Nature of Light
Mastered by Robert Terwilliger
Date: December 2007
Recorded at: The Cabin

192Kbps MP3

Track Listing:
1 Dusk Fell Early That Day
2 The Rain Painted on a Broken Canvas
3 Slumber Sets
4 Bird Song in Alpha
5 The Oceans Heartbeat
6 Bird Song in Theta
7 A Lover I Have Never Touched
8 The Choir of Gamma
9 Bird Song in Delta
10 The Voyage of Teresina
11 R.E.M.

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