Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Orange Crush - The Fields

Text taken from Archaic Horizon Records

Located in Norway, Karl Endreson intuitively routes our senses to the memories of autumn, signaling us to observe and uphold the beauty of our natural world. This near hour long release has shifted the seasons and presents a spacious realm for us dreamers to roam.

"The Fields" can be described as a movement through the moods and emotions harvested by Orange Crush. Processing his music to age his sound, notably in songs like "Adrift" and "Across the Breeze” which immerse us into his significantly weathered melodies that warm our ears. Continuing these amenities, “Freedom Flight” delivers percussive developments that overlay his antiqued synths and vibrate perplexingly against one another. “Distant Child” follows a youthful excursion as sampled enigmatic voices continually surface through the timbre, fluctuating and evasive as they submerge back into the atmospheric fields.

Each track is delivered with utmost attention to detail and quality and offers immediate satisfaction, but do not allow the intricate and mischievous tones to elude your ears. Carefully investigate but also enjoy this release as it warms your environment.


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