Sunday, September 26, 2010

Deep Into Perspectives - The Lost Tapes

Text taken from audiogourmet

Deep Into Perspectives is ambient and experimental artist Kent Nymann, hailing from Oslo, Norway. Through ambient drones, melodic elements and field recordings, he intends to search for pure artistic expression.
All sounds are handcrafted and layered gradually during the production process, eventually serving as dense, detailed soundscapes as each finished piece is completed.

Deep Into Perspectives has served us this three track exploration of a more pure ambient sound, specifically trailored for Audio Gourmet. The basis of these were formed from past recordings Kent had in his 'vault' of sound, and then gradually built upon through several layers of newly recorded accent takes. Thus, 'The Lost Tapes' have been born, free for your enjoyment...

Kent Nymann has been prolific as an artist over the last few years, with several pieces of electronic sound experiments available for streaming via his Myspace page:

You can also check out his album 'Other Place' on iTunes by searching for 'Deep Into Perspectives'

For more information, visit:

<a href="">The Lost Tapes by Audio Gourmet Netlabel</a>

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