Thursday, September 23, 2010

Altus - Excursion Two

Text taken from Earth Mantra Netlabel

We've all had the rare joy of experiencing an artist for the first time who literally turns our head, someone whose music we hear and instantly know is destined for greatness. Such was our reaction upon discovering the jaw-dropping work of Mike Carss, who releases transcendent ambient music under his project name Altus.

Not only is his music world-class, but he produces an amazing quantity of it. One would think that such a prolific artist would eventually hit some quality speed bumps, or at the very least run out of things to say. Not so with Altus; his every album is a master class and his every track can only be described as magical. Every time we listen to his music, we are struck with the awe-inspiring talent that this man has, and are blown away by the fact that he gives away everything he produces. Put simply, this man should be scoring films at the highest levels, and we do not have the slightest clue why he isn't already.

And best of all, this master of the ambient form has chosen to release yet another album through Earth Mantra. With "Excursion Two", Altus has given us a pair of sublime, drifting ambient pieces of incomparable and immaculate beauty. The lushness of this music is palpable; while listening one is completely immersed, as if bathed in a cloud of purest light. Calling the music an 'excursion' is spot-on; it may be cliche to say it, but this music does indeed take the listener on a profound journey of pure bliss. We challenge you to listen to this stunning release and disagree.


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