Friday, September 24, 2010

Altus Black Trees Among Amber Skies

Review by Sonicimmersion

With his release "Black Trees Among Amber Skies", Canadian musician Mike Carss (aka Altus) returns to his classic free form style of music, who describes the outcome as ambient music for night-time winter walks in the city.

As fans of his music know, Mike is an expert in layering velvet, softly soaring soundscapes and spacious textures, and that's exactly what is found on this album.

The lenghthy string pads on the 60-minute recording are all about warm atmospheres, intrinsic beauty and an intimate sense of melancholy, taking its time to unfold and spread its wings to come to full bloom.

Those looking for something to put the busy mind to rest or making it wander to imaginary places, the beautiful "Black Trees Among Amber Skies" will sure do the job.

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