Thursday, February 24, 2011

Finglebone - 23

Text taken from finglebone

Different states of mind, hazy, melancholy reverie. Originally released on Rural Colours label as an EP, this release is the full album.

"23" is a collection of experimental layering of field recordings and ambient sounds is interwoven with light and sparkling acoustic guitar melodies. All in all, this results in a very organic sound structure. This is a great one for headphone listening, as many of Pan, EQ and other effects details are buried deep in the mix. Contemplative, meditative, sunny and peaceful - like a walk in the woods". - Klangverhaltnisse Ambient blog.

released 30 November 2010
All tracks Mastered by Wil Bolton except 'twenty-three.


  1. Hello Peter

    I would like to submit Colony to you and your listeners. Colony is the name of a dubstep/ambient/drone sound project started in 2009. The links below will bring you to Colony official homepage, where you can
    download "MEET, MERGE, DISSOLVE", Colony's first and free-to-share album.

    Thank you very much in advance for your attention.