Friday, April 22, 2011

Luis Antero - Water Recordings III

Text taken from Just Not Normal

Today March 22nd 2011 is World Water day. By special request from Luis release of his latest field recordings album is on this special day.

For those familiar with the works from Luis, a portugese sound enthusiast, know that his recordings are of very high quality and always very pure in its essence and so is this release. Pure water, so pure it makes the listener thirsty.
Locations where these recordings are from: Local das Gravacoes; Sobral de S. Miguel (Covilha); Agroal (Pomares, Arganil): Mangualde da Serra (Gouveia) â Portugal.

Sit back and enjoy the 37 minutes of trickle treats.


Downloade: Luis Antero - Water Recordings II
Downloade: Luis Antero - Life

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