Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Julien Demoulin - Fanø

Text taken from audiogourmet

A French sound artist who also records as Silencio, Julien Demoulin is welcomed into the Audio Gourmet fold with this short EP called Fanø.
Recorded under his own name, Fanø is an EP that explores a variety of sounds through atmospheric textures and onto beautiful droning soundscapes.

The concept for the EP was inspired by a particular visit to Fanø, an island off the west coast of Denmark on which he has close friends. Everytime Julien visits the island he feels more and more at peace with himself.
Recently, he was feeling extremely sad and confused but couldn't understand why.
Upon arriving at Fanø which at the time was coated with snow, he slowly started to make sense of this situation and understood what was required to improve his situation. As he walked along the beach, this realisation set in as the snow slowly started to melt away.

As a homage to friends on the island and that particular trip, Julien's EP for Audio Gourmet intends to capture the essence of Fanø in the hope that its peace invoking aura transfers to all who listen.

released 08 March 2011
Written and produced by Julien Demoulin
Photography by Julien Demoulin




  1. Thanks for putting the word out! Let me know if you want me to let you know about upcoming projects and releases...

  2. Hi Julien.
    Yes you are welcome to inform me about upcoming projekt and releases it would be nice:)