Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ghostheory - Swan Songs

Text taken from Webbed Hand

Field recordings and dark resonant tones permeate this new ambient drone work by Ghostheory.

"Hypnotic drones... warm sounds... veiled in a deeply shadowed darkness. Black and white cinema. A bit of noir, a bit of horror. A deep melody plays its dreary song while metallic sounds bounce and echo off the tight walls... bleak digitized atmospheres weave, ebb, and flow.

Ghostheory creates richly textured sonic atmospheres and unflinchingly intimate soundscapes, combined with vocal washes and a warming flood of molten, ethereal noise. A slowly shifting palette of drones, clangs, inscrutable noises, and static blurred into a beautiful and melancholy waking dream."

320Kbps MP3


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