Friday, April 1, 2011

Nova Scotian Arms - Slow Architecture

Text taken from novascotianarms

Split with Motion Sickness of Time Travel
2xCassette (edition of 100)
Sweat Lodge Guru (SLG019)

Grant and Rachel Evans construct monuments of sound that calcify and expand as deliberately as the soil beneath them washes away – time-lapsed and reversed erosion; melodies and distortion are extracted from sparkling beds of sediment and adhered to the foundation in algorithmic patterns of fractal intensity. Slow Architecture seeks out the empty corners of the psyche and builds its towering steeples of noise therein. This set of two pro-dubbed, imprinted cassettes is limited to 100 copies. Packaged together in a clear cassette album.

Grip the other half of the split here:

released 08 March 2011

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