Friday, February 18, 2011

Spaceship Graveyard - Surfing Solar Winds

Text taken from spaceshipgraveyard

After receiving a report of a wreck spotted adrift near the Wolf 359 system, two crew members were dispatched to investigate and engage in salvage operations. Upon arrival, the crew picked up a failing distress signal, likely triggered when the wreck came within range of the solar winds from Wolf 359. Investigation revealed no survivors, but did identify significant remaining fuel supplies and several other precious elemental substances which were extracted and contained for delivery back to earth base processing stations.

There was a time when we could all imagine the future and think of a whole landscape of possibilities. Strange and fantastic machines and voyages to far away places were just a small part of the pallet of imagination with which we painted stories that swept us up in our hopes and dreams. Yet, today, that imagination is being smothered in global crude oil spill floating continents of garbage. Economic vampires suck us dry, leaving us in crumbling homes repossessed and abandoned to ghosts who themselves are filing for bankruptcy. And con man debt Frankenstein monsters stumble across the face of the world, smashing social structures and cultures into relic pottery shards for future archeologists to scratch their heads over. The future has been damaged, but it has not yet been destroyed. We still have a chance to make changes and salvage something from the wreckage. Use your imagination. Use your creativity. These are the tools which can bring us new hope and optimism.

This artifact is the result of a live, improvised performance. It was recorded directly to stereo digital output with no additional overdubs, mixing or editing. The sounds you hear are exactly as they were heard at the time they were created

released 11 February 2011

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