Sunday, February 6, 2011

Placement - Collected Locations

Text taken from placement

A collection of rarities, one offs and compilation tracks that were recorded between September 2008 and July 2010.

The very first track we recorded specifically for releasing as a download came about at short notice, when the fledgling 'Mz*umf' net-label approached us for a contribution to it's debut compilation album. Due to a short deadline, we had no time to arrange a session (our preferred means of working) and as we were reluctant just to re-direct something, it was decided an alternative means of writing had to be found.

Fortunately over time, we'd gathered together quite a bit of experimental and unresolved material, so it was decided we'd employ sections of this for use as 'surrogate performance', completing the pieces in isolation, but reacting to the recordings as if played in real time, with our customary manipulations and improvised playing.

In the event, the first track took shape very quickly, with everything realized within an hour. The pre-records were processed 'on the fly' and the added information, including a take of 'studio furniture', committed to the recorder in single passes. Soon 33 On The Evening Tide was chugging and creaking it's way out across the studio floor and away down the wires...

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