Wednesday, February 9, 2011

AQM - Elegy

Text taken from jeanmontag

with this new piece very appropriately entitled "Elegy" - Jean Montag has crossed over into something that has new feelings and host of visions not expressed in his previous works. Something compositionally in itself that must find, and encourage the listener into a world of unresolved dissolution. The Mood (which is most defiantly capitalized) is one that seems to crawl along at first beneath the handrail of some sine-paved and linear roadway where the vehicle itself is one's own aural sense of identity. Whether one will cross over to what Montag is skilfully emoting here is a matter that is clearly beyond one's ability to make decisions upon, instead a natural state of patience - the kind that occurs without conscious surrender as when facing a Loss, (and somber celebration) of something beautiful having passed before us in dearness. As in an elegant rhetorical pause, so is truth its own reward - as is the listening and experience of this slowly touching and moving "Elegy"
- Abdul "Ben" Camel

released on suRRism-Phonoethics sPE_0062
free download:

released 03 October 2010
Music by Jean Montag
recorded september 2010

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