Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ben Woods - We Are Silhouettes Now

Text taken from Lost Children

Lost Children Net Label proudly presents Ben Woods' We Are Silhouettes Now. A wholesome offering of layered sky-gazing soundscapes, piano driven introspection and subliminal bliss.

It is an addictive seven track EP that will entice its listeners with its elegant structures and variations, reminiscent of those found in the cinematic compositions of Angelo Badalamenti. The music subtly finds its way under the listeners skin, stopping time, bringing a moment of peace draped in shades of melancholic yet uplifting blue as reflected so dexterously in the artwork by Ludo Vanroy. In a way it can be seen as the extension and pinnacle of These Passing Thoughts, a collection of 'endless hours of wasted moments', which will offer the additional fix the listener will crave for after listening to We Are Silhouettes Now.


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