Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Coldstream - The Asleep

Text taken from audiogourmet

Coldstream is the ambient-music project name of London based sound artist Dan Mumford.
He has previously released his work through the likes of the marvellous Under The Spire and Rural Colours imprints and now for Audio Gourmet, he has turned his creative ears towards putting together this short EP called 'The Asleep'.

As the title suggests, this body of work is themed closely around sleep and dreams - a much explored and familiar concept throughout the ambient music scenes.
It is not something that you'd associate with the classic fifteen minute EP duration...all too often this topic is reserved for the longer, more explorative duration of the full CD-length album.
In this short timeframe however, Dan has managed to weave in a wealth of dreamy mystery within three heady drones. They can be listened to late at low volume, inducing a lulling sleepy state or at a louder volume for a more conscious exploration of his thoroughly melodic work.

To round this EP off, we have been allowed by a photographer and artist called Georgina Richardson to use an image for the front cover that really encapsulates the loosely defined conceptual intentions of 'The Asleep'...

released 01 February 2011
Written and produced by Dan Mumford

Cover artwork by Georgina Richardson:


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