Thursday, February 17, 2011

Souns - Lights

Text taken from Kikapu

Souns is an ambient project from vancouver-based DJ/producer/promoter michael red. 'lights' came out of the source material created exclusively for an event michael put together for newformsfestival 04. the event, simply titled 'a sound event', was successful in creating a fusion between modern electronic music and ancient healing sound. happening in four movements, the most intensive healing work happened in the second and third movement. 'lights' are the drones used in these two movements and have not been altered. tracks one through eight were used in conjunction with crystal bowls sounded by christine paton, with additional sound from anomalous disturbances, and follow the chakra system from root to crown. track one represents chakra one, track two is chakra two, and so on. track eight represents the first harmonic of the root chakra and doubles as the possible eighth chakra as well. each track contains the elements, sounds and the artist's interpretation of the essence of the corresponding chakra. track nine was used as the transition sound between movements, made from the sounds of a rainstick, to clear the energies brought about from healing. the sound of rain, and moving water in general, is quite cleansing. track ten and eleven were the drones used as a backdrop for vocalist little woo sounding ancient sanskrit mantras for the purpose of healing, peace, and general well being.

in addition to 'regular' relaxed listening, 'lights', at varying volumes, could be experimented with as a tool for meditation, self-exploration or discovery. however you choose to experience it.... please enjoy.

'lights' appears in it's raw and stripped form with the intention to be remixed and reworked by souns himself as well as other artists. breath in. breath out. the first remix project, 'coloured lights', will be available through kikapu in the new year.

256Kbps MP3

Downloade: Souns - Scenarios for the real self

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