Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sentimental Machines - The Silent Bride

Text taken from laverna

Be aware that by absurdity reality is life breathed during moments of
unconscious distance from what is real, instants or, perhaps, long sequencesof events diluted in the muffled world of the indefinite, temporary
suspensions when eyes close to better scan the silent throb of sentiment.

This means losing oneself like letting one's hand go with violent Sonic
Ecstasy after grasping it romantically and plunge into a sensuous and
shattering dronic delirium; like a dream in which the ruthless and cruel
demons of the End coexist, chased by harmonic visions wrapping together even
the most obscure temptations of the mind in a deafening magnificence. Human
work, it is, assembled step by step, directly within the core of a heart
that lives and pulses inside a machine, supplied with the blood, the tears
and the love that only Man can generate and offer....



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